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I use at Confluence cloud. Recently saving a quite big diagram (over 50 entities)  takes quite log time (15 minutes) and in some cases it does not end (then I lose my work).

I use Firefox browser 42.0, plugin version: 1.0.9-AC

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Saving involves sending the diagram to your instance. The speed depends on your network connection, the size of the diagram file and the response time of the Atlassian server. There's not any system of ours involved. When it does save, what is the size of the files (look in the page attachments for the PNG and XML files)?

Thanks for your quick reply. PNG is aroung 430 kB, exported XML 137 kB The issue usually occurs when I work on the diagram for a longer time without saving. BTW: saving diagram without having to leave it would be helpful.

We can't think of anything obvious that might be causing this. Would it be possible for one of our engineers to get a temp login to test that specific diagram and see if we can repeat it? If yes, just contact us at In terms of saving without exit. Is that because you want an autosave?

@David Benson [] Thanks. I will arange a temp login (it may take some time). I temporarily switched to the app at - here it works without any problems. Saving without exit - autosave would be nice. I actually thought of just not having to exit the diagram each time I save - it takes time to find the fragment I worked on if the diagram is big.

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