Save macro properties duplicate drawio macro

Confluence verion: 5.5.4
Browser: IE 9 + 10 + 11

We want to increase a drawio graphic. So, we edit the page within the drawio macro. Then we click on the button "edit macro". In the displayed window we changed the values of the width and height properties. After clicking the button "save" the drawio macro will be duplicated. When I go back in the "edit macro" window and click the "save" button a second time, I get a third drawio macro (and so on). It is not possible to increase our drawio graphics using the width and height properties.

When I use Firefox I can change the width and height properties without any problems, in order to increase a drawio graphic.

Is there a solution for our problem?


Kindly regards


3 answers

What version of the plugin are you using?

We use the last version of the drawio macro -> 3.10.1

There seems to be an issue specific to Internet Explorer, we'll investigate and report back.

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