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Dear all,

we've bought  your great plugin and testing and tweaking it  for about a week. I was able to set  it up almost all the way i want it. If I want to filter all issues that exceeded the SLA (or any other filter with Time To SLA custom field) I get results as shown here: 

It shows :" SLA OVERDUE" only. Instead of a simple "SLA OVERDUE" I need to show an exact value of time exceeded (2d 3h 59m 59s- as if i mouse over it). Actually I would like to change the fields with "SLA OVERDUE" to the numeric values instead. 

I'm pretty sure it's a simple task to do however I'm pretty new in JIRA itself as well as your plugin and already spent few hours to achieve that without any result. I  came through your  documentation ( and found nothing regarding how to change it to our needs.

Kindly advise a thanks for your help.

Viktor Kubicek

Incident manager at

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Hello Viktor,


We have made some visual changes in the Time to SLA field with the version 6.30.0 which includes this change too, if you update your version to latest version you should be able to see the numeric values.




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