Photos of users are not shown

Hi in the Steospcope View, all user with a standard Icon apear with theri selectected Icon, but User which have uploaded a photo into Jira will be shown with an empty space. In the osser Actitvity-Lists, the Photo is shown. Does the photo needs to be in a special format?

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Thanks for the fix. I deinstalled the tool.

Can you please provide JIRA version as well as Stateoscope add-on version?

I reproduced the bug and this bug will be fixed in the upcoming version

Thanks for your report

Tuncay Senturk

Thank you Tuncay Senturk!
Thank you Tuncay Senturk!

This bug has been fixed within Stateoscope plugin version 3.0

By the way Stateoscope is now commercial with very low price. It was free for almost a year, however due to maintenance issues, it is now commercial again.

Thanks for your understanding


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