LDAP Groups in ictime

I cannot add my Active Directory groups on the ictime permissions page. They are however displayed in the popup window after clicking on 'select groups'.

It only saves the groups of the JIRA internal directory.

Is this functionality not available for LDAP?

Update: I was able to configure the groups by editing the AO_9B23C2_GROUP_PERMISSION table in the jira db.

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Okay, so no LDAP problem, but a bug in whitespace handling for group names. Have filed an issue (https://interconcept.atlassian.net/browse/ICTIME-293) and this will be fixed with the next release (3.1). We have no release data yet but I assume that we will have this release ready until end of November (should another bugfix release be required in the meantime, the fix would be made available before).

Best regards


Hi Koen,

Version 3.0.8 that already should fix the issue has been released today.

Best regards


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We have tested that internally with LDAP (not AD) and could not reproduce problems in the interface, LDAP groups were properly displayed and saved. Can you provide more information, do you get an error message, is there anything visible in the logs? Which database, JIRA version and ictime version are you using?

Best regards


Dear Tobias,

There is no visual error message. The page just refreshes without adding the group.

I can't find any errors in the log-files.

I am using Windows 2008 R2, SQL Server 2008 R2, JIRA 6.1.1, ICTime 3.0.6

Best Regards,


Hi Koen,

There are two use cases where the interface just refreshes, but does not add the group after hitting "Add" (without an error message): 1. Group (name) does not exist or 2. Group had already been assigned.

Did you try to just type the group name in the box and then clicking "Add" instead of using the group selector popup before?

We will do a bugfix release probably this week and will add some logging to the permissions page so that if a group can't be found or already had been assigned, there will be a warning in the log. That might help to better understand the problem.

Best regards


Hi Koen,

We have released v. 3.0.7 today. You might want to try with this one and then - if the problem is still present - have a look at the logs. There should now be a warning if the group could not be matched or is already existing. If there is still no entry in the logs, the problem must be found in a completely different place...

Best regards



This appeared in the logs:

/secure/ICTimeSecurity.jspa [ictime.actions.security.ViewSecurity] Could not find group with name:JIRAUsers

The group name contains a space: "JIRA Users".

I guess that is the source of the error.

Best Regards,


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