Jira enhancer plugin incorrect result when using "last reopened date" in search


I want to have the list of all my Issues that have been reopened at least one time during a month (not only the current month, but for example in January 2013 ). The request I use is:

project = NAME AND "Last reopened date" >= "2013/01/01" and "Last reopened date" <= "2013/01/31"

Nothing is returned but of course many Issues should have been returned. When opening one of these Issues, I can see the correct "Last reopened date" in January 2013.

I also tried to do this with "Status Was Resolved after...before..." but the result is incorrect too. It gaves me reopened Issues that have been reopened before the period I am interested in, and that is still reopened.

What might be the problem with these simple request ?

We are using:

  • Jira 4.4.1
  • Jira enhancer plugin version: 2.4.0

Thanks for your answer

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Hi Stephane,

Actually you're using an old version of the plugin because of JIRA version. However, I can not regenerate the issue in newer versions.

Could you please make sure that you've reindexed JIRA? (Administration -> Indexing -> Reindex)

Tuncay Senturk

Thanks for the answer. No, I forgot to reindex Jira, I will do that as soon as it is possible, and I will retry my search.


OK it works fine now...I wasn't aware of the importance of reindexing. Thank you very much Tuncay.

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