Is it possible to populate Checklist options when creating subtasks by Bob Swift's Create on Transition


I try to create subtasks in workflow (different set of subtasks in different transition) and depending on transition I would like to have different Checklist options.

I created a customfield using Checklist. Then I added Create on Transition post function, where I added two options for that custom field. Like:

  • Custom field: 12345
  • Value: * Option 1

By using Markup (

But that didn't work.

As I create subtasks from main task (or new subtasks from another subtask) I cannot use this post function ( because it only modifies current (sub)task. And it's quite impossible to mutilate new subtask workflow to do that in Create transition (as that Checklist is different based on what phase subtasks are created).

TL;DR: Do Checklist support Create on Transition plugin for populating Checklist options?



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Hi Jarno,

A lot of people were able to modify a checklist from Groovy. A while ago someone tried to do it via Create-on-Transition but it didn't work out but that was a few years back. May Bob, modified how he sets up the custom field but from his documentation, he only supports JIRA's customfields and text based one.

Checklist if similar to a multi-select field which means that it requires an array of elements, preferably in a JSON format. Check this link



Hello Yves!

Thanks for the answer smile

Groovy means one more €€€ plugin.

Anyway, I just tried both ways also with JSON (and also "specific value box") and all failed.


So at least there is no easy solution. I would have been too good to be true smile

Of course there's that default value already (as that custom field couldn't be created without at least one value) and that might cause more problems too.

I know I'm trying to build a monster with subtasks creating subtasks with different values (for Checklist) in every phase and so on.



Hi Jarno,

I doubt that it will work but you should put your value in an array notation:

[{"name":"My Checklist Item", "checked": false}]

Also, might be a good thing to reach out to Bob to see if he has a way of doing this. I included his add-on tag to notify him.

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