[Inventory Plugin for JIRA] "Inventories Report" Issue


I have DLed this plugin for evaluation.  Persons at my company had configured some small dummy data but I took the example JSON data from the Import/Export area and Imported it into the plugin.

Now I have an issue where the "Inventories Report" area shows only the old form of the original dummy data and not the new forms from the sample JSON data.

I also tried adding a new report to see if it would get recognized but there was no change.

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Actually pls ignore for now — I may need to rebuild the index!  

I'll sort this out when the time is right and then get back to see if that's the point.  


Index rebuild had no effect. Sans support I am archiving this tool and examining Ephor.

Hi Kreig,

Your problem is not clear. Could you please clarify?

You can also raise an issue in our issue tracking system https://bitbucket.org/tuncaysenturk/jira-inventory-plugin/issues?status=new&status=open


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