How to pause sla count-down

I want to create sla with the following constraints: sla starts on creation and ends on the closure, in between there are some ping-pong action from Customer to Performer.

When the issues on the customer's side sla count-down stops, and starts again after the issue is on the performer's side.

Is it possible to create such a sla?

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Hi Sergey,

At the moment there is no pausing feature. However, there is an issue to your request, which will be implemented in the upcoming releases.


Tuncay Senturk

Thank you for your quick reply.

Is there any workaround usings status changes?

Sorry but, as far as I know there is no workaround.


I'm reading that it was implemented in your plugin, but I cannot understand how to do it with the documentation. Can you explain me how it works ?
I would like to add excepted status to the sla's configuration, to avoid add time when it has loop in the workflow.

Thank you in advance for your answer,

Best regards,


Hi Dorine,

Click on cog icon near sla definition and select "Paused Statuses". Then select each status that you want to pause.

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