How to create Update SLAs?


In the TTS add-on is it possible to create an SLA for an Update period?

For example say I'd like to create an SLA that says all Major issues need to be updated every 4d or less regardless of status transition?

I have tried using the JQL field to filter these types of issues but I'm not having much luck so any help would be greatly appreciated.

@Tuncay Senturk [Snapbytes], maybe you could help? smile



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Hi Kevin,

Unfortunately TTS does not have such feature. You should at least choose target sla or date field as  well as sla value.



Hi Tuncay,

What about the Enhancer Plugin or does it's SLA features work off the same principle as TTS?



They are almost same in terms of working principles. JEP has only basic SLA features.

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Susan Hauth Community Champion May 19, 2017

Hi Tuncay, Kevin

We have the same requirement.  While an issue is in researching we have a requirement to update every 3 business days.   What I did was used the custom toolkit field "number of comments".  So if someone comments then the Number of Comments field is increased.  I then put the Reset SLA based on the value of field "Number of comments" changing.

However, It doesn't work!  I make a comment, the number of comments fields increases, but the Time to SLA does not reset.

Really need this to work for this plugin to be at all useful.  Please advise.


Hi Susan,  

Sorry I missed your comment.

Reset SLA post function works against fields that changed within the transition. As far as I understand your comment counter is read only / calculated field so it is not updated in the transition but populated, so it won't work with TTS.

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