How to add a bulk number of cases to Zephyr test cycles? How cycles work with iterations?


We are using Zephyr for Jira and I have two questions:

1) How could we add several test cases to a test cycle instead of adding them one by one?

2) How should running test cases in different cycles and different iterations work together? When cycle one of testing happens in iteration1, should tests cases be closed and then reopened in later iterations when they should be part of other cycles? Or should test cases never be closed and always stay in open state until final release?



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I have a solution similar to Alexander's answer

Groom your test cases and add labels to the test cases you want to be grouped together.  One option is to add the related item number in the label field in the test case.

After that is done, Go to TEST at the top of JIRA, select SEARCH TESTS

Create a search condition for the LABLE field for the label you added to each test case.

After you verify your search results are showing the test cases you want in the test cycle, use the SAVE AS button to save the results.


create your test cycle

On the test cycle, click the GEAR icon, select ADD TESTS


Search for your saved search you just created

Click ADD at the bottom of the popup

You now have placed all your test cases into a cycle in bulk

You can skip the label part if you're just trying to export your entire test suite. Just Issue > Search for all tests and Save As at the top of JIRA, as he says to do. This was the fastest way for me and I can perform Brian's recommendation as many times as I want into the future, now that I have a saved search query.

Sharing that search query with others in the JIRA domain I work in means anyone at my company will be able to easily perform this same action long into the future, after I've moved on from my company.

Alexander's idea no longer works on the latest JIRA version.

Here's a workaround I came up with:

1. Select Tests > Search Tests

2. On the right side, there's an icon that lets you change to list view from details view. Change to list view
3. On the right side there will also be an option for changing what columns are displayed. Change these so only the Key column is showing
4. Select all the issue names with your mouse and copy
5. Plan a test cycle > Click cog next to your test cycle > Add Tests > paste into the "Individually" field
6. Click outside the field so you don't select an autocomplete option, it will add those issues in. For me it also adds in an extra word towards the beginning, so make sure you check for and get rid of that.

7. When you click add, you might get a warning that it was unable to add an issue with an empty name. That's okay, it's just due to the way the field handles the excess whitespace I think. Click OK and your tests will be added into the cycle.

5. Plan a test cycle > Click cog next to your test cycle > Add Tests > paste into the "Individually" field


Paste dont work you know why? 

Hello Mahnaz,

Please find my answers/comments below for your queries.

1) Currently, Zephyr for JIRA does not have the functionality to bulk add tests directly from Search Tests view. However there is an alternative to add tests to test cycle.

You can do it as follows: Go to Test -> 'Plan Test Cycle', hover on the test cycle and click on 'cog' icon at the right. You should have the option to Add Tests. This will allow you to bulk add tests to Test Cycle.

2) As test cycle are grouped by versions, best practice is to create Test cycles per iteration and clone that cycle for next iteration. For example Testcase1 is added to Cycle 1 of Iteration 1, the Testcase1 will be open state throughout the iteration1.

You can clone the same cycle as Cycle 2 for Iteration 2 which is independent of old execution statuses. It's the user choice to close or open the testcase before the testing completes and is not mandatory, it will not affect the executions. 
Managing the testcase status by means of work flow will be a good approach as they are unique throughout.

Cycle Cloning will be the best way to run same set of testcases in two Iterations.

Zephyr Support

Swapna,  I have the same question as Mahnaz and I am confused by your answer 1) above.  When you say "This will allow you to bulk add tests to Test Cycle", is this by adding individual test references ?  I have hundreds of tests to add, so really need a better way to bulk add tests to a cycle.  Peter


I have the same situation that Peter has.  When I click on the gear icon and Add Tests, the only options I have are "Individually" and "From Another Cycle".

There has to be a way to select test cases en mass and get them into a cycle.  Does anyone know of a work around?


Thank you





How can i Update test data details at the time of test case execution in Zephyr.


Let me put in another way.

  1. I have 9 test cases created. 3 test cases are common which needs to execute in my Regression and Sanity round
  2. Two (Regression and Sanity) Test cycles are created in JIRA project version XYZ.
  3. Now when i am executing test case for Regression test cycle want to update test data under test data column
    So now during execution how can i give test data details. Currently it is not editable during execution .
    filed is editable only at the time of test case creation.


Hi Zephyr Support,

When I try your first answer (1), I am unable to select tests from a previous cycle with status UNEXECUTED. Is this a bug? Or is there a good reason for this?




Hi Jasper,

You can achieve this by Bulk copy of executions from Tests -> Search Test Executions as a workaround.
Follow the below steps to add/copy executions of status "UNEXECUTED" from Cycle A to Cycle B.

  • Navigate to Tests -> Search Test Executions
  • Search by Filter query --> cycleName = "Cycle A" and executionStatus = UNEXECUTED
  • Select all executions using check box.
  • Navigate to Tools on the top right and select Copy to Cycle from the options.
  • From the pop-up dialog "Bulk Copy to existing/new Cycle" you can now choose the Project/Version/Cycle to copy the executions to desired cycle


Zephyr Support

The easiest way of doing this:

  • Create a search of the test cases that you want to add (i.e. Project=STRP and type = Test) and save it as a search filter 
  • Once the search filter is created, go to the page that has your test cycles.  
  • Click the cog (or gear) icon and from the dropdown click Add Tests
  • On the popup, click Via Search Filter
  • Where it says Select Search Filter, enter the name of the search filter that you created (you should see some JQL added to the popup)
  • Click Add  (it may take a minute or two depending on the amount of test you are adding)

*** When I do this, I get an error saying that the tests could not be added, however they are actually being added; not sure why I am getting this error.

Thanks Ken, that worked for me.    I'm new to Zephyr...I was dreading having to add in tests one-by one. 

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