How to access diagramly plugin with confluence 'add' button removed

Confluence no longer has the 'Add' button:

As best as I can tell, that is where one found access to the diagramly plugin.

How do I get to it now?

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Open the page editor and start typing {diagramly}. From macro picker choose Diagramly and you're all set.

P.S. We are considering adding diagramly to Create dialog for the next release.

Thanks, that works, though there was another point of confusion, which is that the page in which a diagram is inserted must be saved first before the diagram can be edited. Not sure if this is documented somewhere, but if not I think it would be a stumbling block for new users, who might naturally try to test the plugin, as I did, on a newly created test page first. That one must first save the page before editing the diagram is not intuitive.

You're right. It can be confusing. We'll add a notification to clarify this.

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