Create on Transition plugin: Unable to delete six issues after updating this plugin

We recently upgraded from JIRA 4.4.1 to 5.2.2. We also updated the Create on Transition plugin.

We are trying to delete six Jira issues from a "Test" project but not able to do so. There are 6 issues of the subtask "Test" Result type that were created when we were testing the new Create on Transition plugin. The old plugin was still present in the workflow and may have impacted the creation of those 6 issues in a weird way thus rendering them different. We removed the old reference to the previous plugin so things are working fine with the new plugin. However, we are still unable to delete the 6 "Test" issues even though our Jira persmissions are correct. We can delete other normal jira issues

Perhaps there is a trick to delete those "Test" issues? Note that when we try to open one of those issues, a message will appear, “Issue does not exist.” We tried using the bulk delete feature on those six but they will not go away on the second step in the wizard. Using the far right option to delete renders a server error message.

Also, another side effect that only the original owner of these six items can see these issues. Another user will not see this issue since *maybe* they are not the owner of those issues and perhaps a rendering issue is occurring because some of the fields are null due to the odd way those issues were created.

In short, we want to remove these six items and be on our way.

How can we remove these six items cleanly/successfully?


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Turns out a 'Full re-index' (which Locks JIRA and rebuilds index from scratch) will do the trick while a 'Background re-index' will not. So, we are good now and all our 'test' entries have been successfully removed.

Thanks, Nic, for your quick response and Thanks To David Chan of Atlassian Support!

Interesting that foreground and background indexing work differently, but it makes sense.

The old/foreground index has always deleted the entire index and rebuilt it from scratch, so when you've got extra index entries, it fixes them. It sounds like the background index doesn't do a delete, or check on existing index entries, it just rebuilds for each issue in the database. So it'll repair missing or damaged records, but not remove extras.

That's well worth knowing!

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Sounds like they are in the index but not the database.

Try re-indexing the system, and I think you'll find they vanish.

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Sounds like they are in the index but not the database.

Try re-indexing the system, and I think you'll find they vanish.

Thanks for the response!

Performed a "Background re-index", but these projects continue to show up.

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with the latest version we still have these issues.. re-indexing make them dissapear but this should not be a solution

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