Copy Comments from Parent Ticket to Child ticket on Transition

I could see a way to copy the original tickets Comments to the new ticket. Is there a way?

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Hi Jay,

I wrote a plugin to do this and it is available here

Please download and try it out and rate and review the plugin if you like it


Thanks for making the effort here. It looks great, but it isn't quite what I need. I need to be able to copy the comments from a Linked ticket. I realize now I should have been clearer in my description.

Can you provide a clear description of what you are looking for?

Of course. I have a Post Function that does the following:

  • Copies a ticket from IssueA to IssueB (except it doesn't copy the comments) via 3rd party Plugin
  • It also links IssueA to IssueB ("IssueA creates IssueB", "IssueB created by IssueA")
  • It finally closes Issues A

What I am looking for is a Post-Function that will be executed on IssueA that will copy the comments to the linked IssueB. Ideally being able to specify the "type of link" the connects the two issues would be great (since there are many different types of links).

Ideally this would have been done in the original 3rd Party plugin (Create on Transition --, but they don't seem to be adding updates too often.

I hope that helps.


No support for 6.x? This is what I was looking for essentially...

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