Confluence 4.3 Support for Diagramly Plugin

If there any support planned for version 4.3 of Confluence?

Currently it doesn't work at all once you click the "Start editing the Diagramly diagram" and just shows the following:

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I didn't know that each plugin had it's own tag on this Q&A. It's not really monitoring friendly here, either, we can't get emails when tags are used, so if you could favour the github issues tracker,, that's far more likely to get a response.

We did fix the issue and have a release out 2 days after finding out, we just didn't know about this post...

Thank you for the update, works wonders.

Having the same issue, this plugin is so promising.

I feel that the only solution is for the developer to fix it or someone to jump into the sourcecode on gitub and fix it. Though the original developer must submit the new version to the store I think.

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