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I am not sure if I am doing something wrong. I have several subtasks being created from one issue on one transition. All the tasks are created ok and all fields I chose are copied ok except the checkbox fields. I do not see any other pattern there. I see that starting from version that I have, your product does support checkboxes. I could also not find any issue like that opened, so I take it into account I am doing something wrong, but since all other fields are copied just fine, I am not sure where to start with it...

My post-function:

  1. Create subtask
    • Ignore if original issue is a subtask
    • Condition value: %Request - CC Host%, Regex pattern: ...
    Summary: %parent_summary% - ID CC
    Issue type: Request - ID CC (10505)
    Priority: Parent's priority
    Reporter: Current user
    Assignee: Parent issue's assignee
    Affected versions: None
    Fixed versions: None
    Components: Parent issue's components
    Copy parent issue custom fields: Request - CC Host, Request - CC Services, Request - CC Allowed Entry Modes, Request - CC MCC

Request - CC Services - is the checkbox field (regular JIRA type).

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Check box field should copy correctly. Look in your JIRA log and see if there are any errors related to that field. Otherwise, open an issue including your JIRA version and plugin version.

On a similar question: I am auto creating a subtask on transtion and want a assignee the subtask to a value in a parent custom field the CF: Vehicle Driver ( this is a user picker).

In Additional Issue Action - I was thinking that I use: issue.setAssigneeId ("cfParent=Driver's Name)

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