Adding a link using Create on Transition Plugin for JIRA

Im trying to test this plugin before purchase, but im having issues linking the created issue on transition to its parent issue. When updating the parameters on the "Link" field im entering %parent_key% as the issue key, the link type is "triggered by" and the link direction is "From issuekey to new issue". Ive tried almost every combination and i can't seem to get it to link to the original issue. Im currently using version 3.2.0 of the plugin, and im on JIRA 5.2.9. Am i doing something wrong?

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You need to use set the link type to the link type name that appears in the first column on the list of issue link types. Go to Administration -> Issue linking.

BTW, always look in the server log for errors like this. Usually there is information to figure out what is wrong.

Yes that fixed the issue. I also had to adjust the order of Post Functions on the workflow to "Creates the issue originally" to be before. Which makes sense. Thanks for the help and quick response.

Good that you figured it out. For others, this link may be helpful: How to create subtasks on initial issue create


I got same problem and tried all above won't fix.

Found info from log:

error finding issue link type: is part of.

Looks the plugin won't recognise the link type - "is part of" whcih I can confirm it's available from issue linking system config. I can also manually create this type of link

Ok I got it work now, the tricky is has to put name not outward/inward description (from issue link system admin page) into link type field (in workflow post condition)

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