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automatically update the Organizations field when ticket is created

Hi all,


Currently I'm working on Jira Service Desk. we have a field called "Organizations", is that possible we can create an automation that 

when the ticket/issue is created

Organizations will be updated automatically based on Reporter's email domain

for example, if report email is, then Organizations will be updated to "abc"

if reporter email is then Organizations will be "def "

hope it makes sense, cheers



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Dirk Ronsmans Community Leader Mar 23, 2021

Hi @David Huang and welcome to the community,

In short, yes you can :) (but it takes some configuring)

The organizations field that is there out of the box is based on the customers organizations which are part of your customers configuration.

So it's not a free textfield or something like that, you will need to define your organizations first and add the customers in those. Once they are in one or more oganizations they can choose to share their issues with the organization.

Adding a value in the Organizations field also means that this ticket will be shared with all the members of the organization. (so keep that in mind if that is an outcome that you want). 

If you just want to have an organization field to report on or for some other reason, it might be better to create a new custom field.

As to how you can automatically assign this, you can use the Cloud automation. 

  • First you will need to make a new custom field of the type "Domain of the Reporter"
  • image.png
  • This will contain like it says (the domain ) from the reporter of the issue.
  • After that you will need to create an automation rule that will have a lot of IF statements meaning that IF "domain of the reporter custom field" = THEN Edit Issue, Organization = ABC (and that for each organization)

Hi Dirk,

Thanks for the quick response.

Jira is new to me, I will create a new custom field and an automation rule, like you said.

will come back if I come across any issues, thanks again, cheers



Hi Dirk,

I'm having issue here.

I have created domain of reporter field and added it to the screen, but somehow it is not showing, can you plz check if I missed anything? cheers


David H


domain 2.PNG






Dirk Ronsmans Community Leader Mar 25, 2021

Hey @David Huang ,

In the new issue view it works a little different.

You added it to the regular screen which is great already. Now you need to go to the issue view that you have and on the lower right corner you should see a "configure " link. 


This will take you to a different screen configuration part where you can now add the field.

it seems that once your issue is linked to a request type, the request type screen (even from the agent side) takes over.

Hi Dirk,

I pressed the configure button and I can see Domain of Report is already there, but still not showing on the ticket itself, any other advise?

Or there is any other workaround to show the domain on the ticket itself? cheers



Hi Dirk,

by the way, I have added Domain of Reporter to 3 x screens, as below. also, just fyi, our users send emails to create tickets

Create issue

Edit issue

View issue




Hi Dirk,

I might find a workaround but still need your assistance, coz I dont know much about Jira language.

i managed to display the email address on the ticket

now I need to use IF, if email address contains ""

the custom field (text) i created should display Henry Schein

but i just cannot make it to display, can you plz advise what I did wrong?


email 1.PNGemail 2.PNGemail 3.PNG

Dirk Ronsmans Community Leader Mar 26, 2021

I'm just testing it myself a bit (been a while since I've configured this for myself) and it seems to be that the "domain of the reporter" field doesn't show up in the new issue view yet.

when I switch back to the old view (which you can still do till the end of the month) the field is there.


Now keep in mind that even if the field isn't visible, the data will be there.

So I would still suggest to use the "domain of the reporter" field and base your automation on that. That will be a lot easier imho

Hi Dirk,


Thanks for your help. You can close the ticket now

I managed to get it to work

I created 2 x custom fields, one is email and another one is Entity with Picklist value

Run the automation rules and it works perfectly, cheers



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