Why can't I see all days off taken, to date, within a sprint, for the resource?

Kristine Williams November 9, 2020

Jira capacity tracker allows us to see the remaining days off a resource has, and I understand the purpose of this, but I often want to be reminded of how many total days off a resource has planned for the sprint.  This being visible would help a great deal, as I frequently review where a resource is at during the sprint and the reminder that they have fewer points/aren't at capacity because they have used time off that had been planned would paint a clearer picture immediately.  I have a large team, so remembering who planned how many days off in the sprint is difficult, unless we're managing another "time off" list somewhere else.  the current view showing us how many days off are remaining in the sprint for the resource only gives me a piece of the information I require to communicate with the team and my leaders.  

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Allen August 31, 2021

Hi Kristine,

Unfortunately we do not retain past data as the purpose of our app is not to be a planner or to save such data as days off.

We understand that having to track your days off twice is inconvenient but it's not what the tracker is meant to do.

We have a ticket with Jira open for them to give us access to their days off API as this is something that Jira should handle.

Lastly keeping past dates also comes with its own challenges on our side, which is again why we decided not to keep past days off.

We are sorry for the inconvenience but we do believe that not storing past days off is in the best interest of the usability of the add-on.

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