Tips for copying scripted fields

Jordan Hauser November 22, 2021

Hi all, just looking for tips

I have several scripted fields I pass into a template for an official form. I want to get these fields copied without having to do some extra step (pass through a transition, do an update to trigger the listener). The 2 major plugins I'm using are Scriptrunner and BigTemplate.


Things I keep running into-

-Scripted fields have not loaded yet if I try to trigger the copy listener on issue creation
-Fast-tracking an issue through another transition using a post function leads to the same issue as above where the fast tracked transition is part of the issue creation transition and the scripted fields are not loaded yet

-I haven't figured out a way to get this functionality to work in behaviours as of yet




Things I've gotten working-
-If the issue is updated after creation, the copy function works well and scripted fields are read

-If I place post functions in a transition and have people manually transition the issue, no issues



The goal was to get it so when someone creates the issue, they can just click the template button in order to check their work. Right now the only way I can get this done is by asking users to add in a minor update to trigger the listener such as a description field with an extra space, or transition the issue through a loop to trigger the post functions.

Any help would be appreciated, this problem has been bugging me for a week now

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