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Test case importer has issue and not launching. How to report issue and get help?

I want to import test cases from excel to JIRA Xray.  I click on the test case importer but unsuccessful. I see a dialog box with "Something's goes wrong". 

2 answers

Hi @Dario B 

I opened it as incognito and I didn't get the same failure, in Network the status are 200 or 204


  1. Is this issue affecting all the users or only a subset of them?

Only some users 

       2. When is the last time this was working as expected and when did it stop working?

It's the first time that we are trying to use this option in our project

       3. What is the date, time and timezone of the last time you faced the issue?

2/24/2021 8:28am Central Time Zone


Dario B Atlassian Team Feb 26, 2021

Hello @Susana Torres ,

I am not sure I understand correctly: are you saying that in an incognito window you don't get the issue at all, or that you don't get the 404s in the developer console? Can you please clarify?

Also, in case you still face the issue also in an incognito window and anyway the issue only affects a subset of users, then we might need to access your instance in order to further investigate. However, this can only be done having a support request open. In this case, would it be an option to contact your site-administrator(s) and ask them to create a support request for this issue using below link:


Please tell them to mention this thread in the support request and let me know the ticket number once it has been created so that I can also follow-up in there if needed.

In case this is not an option let me know and I can try to create it on your behalf, but still I will have to add a site-admin to the support request since only a site-admin can grant permission to access the site.



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Dario B Atlassian Team Jun 18, 2020

Hello @Indu Murthy ,

Welcome to the Atlassian Community!

If my understanding is correct, you are trying to import existing test cases into Xray and this is failing.

Now, if this is correct, please let us know the exact steps you are following and which step fails. For example: are you are following the Importing Tests using Test Case Importer  documentation or anything else? Are you trying to import as ad admin or not? etc.

If this is not correct, please provide more details.



Hi Dario,


I went to Xray -> clicked on Test case importer.  I see the request doesn't get processed at all.  I get a dialog box like the attached screenshot.

TestcaseImporter-not working.PNG

Dario B Atlassian Team Jun 19, 2020

Hello @Indu Murthy ,

Can you kindly open the browser developer tools, click on Test Case Importer and check if you can find any error in the Network or Console tab?



Once done:

  1. Provide a screenshot (or copy paste the text) of the errors found, if any.
  2. Let me know date time and timezone you performed the test, so I can go check your site logs.
  3. Confirm that you are working on the Jira site: https:// xcm*****
  4. Let me know if other users are facing the same behavior or if you are the only one.
  5. Check if you are able to access the test case import page from a different computer and from a different network (e.g. try to access from your phone, or from your pc at home). 
  6. Let me know if you have a proxy or a vpn configured or if you have any internet security tool installed.



Where is browser dev tools option?

Dario B Atlassian Team Jun 19, 2020

Hi @Indu Murthy ,

In below links you can find more information on how to find and use the developer tools in different browsers:



Have a nice weekend!


Hello @Dario B  I´m having the same issue when trying to click on Test case importer, could you help me?


Dario B Atlassian Team Feb 23, 2021

Hi @Susana Torres ,

Can you also provide a screenshot of the "Network" tab of the developers tools while getting the error (the provided one is the console but in there I see only some 404 related to a chrome extension)?

Also, please notice that there are chances you will have to contact the add-on vendor by using the resources listed in the support tab of the marketplace page for the app:




From the Console I can see that there are couple of REST API endpoints returning 404 as well as some Cloudfront url.

Now, can you kindly check in the Network tab (see below screenshot) what are the resources returning 404 as well as if there is any other error?




  1. Is this issue affecting all the users or only a subset of them?
  2. When is the last time this was working as expected and when did it stop working?
  3. What is the date, time and timezone of the last time you faced the issue?



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