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Structure Plugin Link-Synchronization not updating Jira-Index




we are using the structure-plugin for jira and whenever we drag an issue into the structure, we want it to be linked as a child to the parent issue, after some tries we managed to get it going by using the link-synchronizer with structure as the source of truth. The only problem we have, is that apparently the jira-index doesn't get updated.

I tried to write a listener in scriptrunner that would update the issue in the index, but i just can't seem to find an event that gets fired when adding an issue to the structure via drag and drop.

Is there any other way to update the index when adding an issue to the structure? Or do I have to write my own synchronizer?

Any help is appreciated.



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Hello everyone,

The described behavior is actually a default one - when it comes to link-related changes in Structure - made by a Generator or by a Synchronizers - links are indeed not indexed in Jira right away. It is done for the sake of the performance since links can be updated in bulks and not all changes can be final, i.e. one link can be changed several times by a user before the results are as desired. To avoid straining the system with running reindexing in Jira with every link-related update, reindexing is either postponed or the updates are uploaded along with made changes of a different kind.

This behavior can be changed with a system property which will enable reindexing after every link update. The property can be set in Structure's Advanced Configuration section, which you can access directly by its URL: https://YOUR_JIRA_ADDRESS/secure/admin/StructureDarkFeatures.jspa
The said property key is: structure.bulkLinkProcessor.useLinkManager and its value should be set to true. Then it would be required to restart Structure.

I hope this helps! Our apologies for the confusion caused by a previously posted answer here - the limitation that was mentioned earlier is related to supporting Jira's link events: (which Structure fully supports now).
This is not the cause for link-related changes made in Structure not being reindexed right away. This happens because of the default behavior which can be changed by adding the property above.

I hope this helps! If you need further assistance with this or if you have any questions about Structure, please feel free to reach out to us via and we'll be back with you shortly.

Best regards,
Stepan Kholodov
ALM Works

Thanks for the clarification. I'm seeing this issue a lot and it helps to know why it happens. One piece of information is missing above... how long delay can one expect before a created link has been indexed?

Hello Matti,

When the said property is enabled, Jira starts handing the indexing of links-related changes and Structure doesn't interfere with it in any way. So the presence of any delay depends on how Jira does it; generally, the expectation here should be the same as when a link is created on an Issue Page.

Best regards,
Stepan Kholodov
ALM Works

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Hi Martin and Leandro,

I've confirmed that this is a known issue. We already have a ticket logged to address it but I don't have a timeline to share at this time unfortunately. 

While my previous recommendation holds in general when it comes to choosing between Generators and Synchronizers, it will not resolve this specific issue.

I will provide an update here once a fix has been implemented.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,


Is there a timeline already for this issue?


We are planning on delivering the fix for this with the next major Structure version but we do not have a date to share at this time.

I will be sure to notify everyone here.

Best Regards,


ALM Works

Same issue waiting to get notifid

Hi Martin,

Sorry for the late reply.

Could you kindly confirm which versions of Structure and Jira you are using?

Have you tried using a Generator instead? I ask because Synchronizers were the first functionality for building structures automatically that we introduced in earlier Structure versions.

In time, we got a lot of feedback from users about it and eventually, we developed our Automation Feature, used for the same purpose through Generators, but more accessible, safer and easier to maintain than Synchronizers. Since then, Synchronizers although still supported (now as a dark feature), are not being developed further and we are constantly improving Generators, making them work faster and adding new Features.

With that said, you can use Extend Generators to Link your issues instead.

What you are experiencing might be a known issue with Link Synchronizers and certain versions of Jira, but we'll need to investigate further once I hear back from you with the versions information. We might also need some logs from you but I'll confirm later. 

I look forward to assisting you.

Best Regards,


Same problem :(

Hi Leandro,

I'm sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

Please see the information I've provided in my reply to Martin. Can you confirm which versions of Structure and Jira you are currently using?

Best Regards,


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