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Structure - DropDown menu as a Filter/Transformation


is it possible or is there a way to add a DropDown list to the filters as in the screenshot? For example a DropDown list to select the status.

Structure DropDown.jpg




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Hello, Ersin. Of course, I remember you. I hope you are having a great summer. :)

I may be confused about what you are trying to accomplish. Maybe you can add some additional information about your goals?

Meanwhile, if you are using JQL to create a filter-by-status (or, filter-by-statusCategory) Transformation, indeed you should see the available list of all the possible statuses (categories) that are available in the underlying Jira (as in my image).

But perhaps you are trying to create a more complex Transformation for the end-users of the structure you are creating (vs. for yourself, the creator of the structure)? 

Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 6.56.17 AM.png

Note: If you want to dive deep on this topic with our support team you can always reach us via support at almworks dot com, or

I hope this helps,

-dave [ALM Works]

Hi @Dave Rosenlund -ALM Works-  

thanks for the fast reply.

Yes we have a good summer here in Hamburg but the last days were too warm. 42 degrees (107°F). How is your summer?


Okay let me explain it a little better.

My endusers are projectmanagers (about 25 persons) and key-account-managers (about 80 persons). 

They do not know how to use JQL or how to build a JQL query. But they do complex queries or they want to make complex queries.


For example:
A projectmanager wants to see all issues of Claus and Anton, for the customer "ABC Inc.", which are in Status "in QA", "in development" and which have the Traffic light status red or yellow. 

For us (me and you) it is a simple JQL query: assignee in (Claus, Anton) AND Status in ("in QA", "in Development") AND "Traffic Light Status" in (red, yellow) AND customer = "ABC Inc" 


But the projectmanagers want predefined transformation filters, because they do not have the time and the knowledge to build a JQL query.

What I can do, of course, is to build a transformation filter for every status and for every traffic light status and for every developer who could be an assignee. But then I have about 20 or more transformation filters.  

And more filters might be added later. In the end I would have about 100 transformation filters. The end user would then have 100 buttons on his screen he could click. That would be too much and would not be nice anymore.


My assumption was that maybe there could be drop down lists. A drop down list for developers, a drop down list for status, a drop down list traffic light status. To make it more enduser friendly and not to have too many buttons (Transformations) to click. 


I hope I could reasonably explain my problem.

Greetings from Hamburg


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Yikes! Not so hot here in Boston.

To the best of my knowledge there’s no out-of-the-box way to do what you describe with Structure alone. However, I’m *guessing* it may be possible by adding Cprime’s Power Scripts or Adaptavist’s ScriptRunner to the mix. 

My colleague, Phil, may have an opinion on that. I’m going to ask him to have a look at this thread.


-dave [ALM Works]

Hi, @Ersin Eromay. I have an update...

Phil thinks both Cprime with their Power Scripts "Power Actions" feature, and Adaptavist with their ScriptRunner "Behaviours" feature, are on the verge of being able to do what you describe. We suggest you connect with either or both of them to learn more. (Let me know if you need the right/specific contacts with either of them.)

Moreover, I also learned that we a related enhancement request in our backlog to do this natively in Structure. I'll add your use case to the requirements. Please let me know if you'd like to be added to the notification list. We'll notify you when that feature is released. (TBD at this time.)

Hope this helps!


Hi @Dave Rosenlund _Tempo_ , 

sorry for the late reply. 

Thank you and Phil for your help.

I'll take a look at Scriptrunner. I'll come back to you if I need help or if I have solved it. 


Best regards,


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@Ersin Eromay  Have you had any luck with a solution. I have the exact same problem would be very glad to share ideas around this issue.

@Dave Rosenlund _Tempo_ What is the said "related enhancement request" I'm curious

@Simon Desharnais Hi Simon. I started it with Scriptrunner. But the customer then said that it is no longer necessary. That means I unfortunately have no solution. Sorry. 

I think we have to wait for ALM Works to release it as a feature.

@Simon Desharnais  (and @Ersin Eromay


There is an enhancement request in our backlog for: 

Allow Multi-select Customization in Saved Quick Transformations

As a user, I would like to set up a filter or other transformation that has a multi-select feature for existing fields...

To be honest, this feature is not planned/scheduled at this time.  However, the more customers requesting it -- the higher the priority. So, thank you! There's a link to this thread in the ticket and we'll post an update here when the feature is delivered.

If you'd like me to add you (or your customers) to the list of ppl who'd like to be contacted directly when the status changes (and/or that we may wish to contact to further explore their use cases), just let me know.



Dave Rosenlund [ALM Works]

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Hi @Dave Rosenlund _Tempo_ 

yes, please add me. 


best regards


We are really looking for similar feature. Just like "Search issue", where it is possible to activate filters and multiple select values of your choice. 


It is not sustainable to build JQL-queries for each and every use case. We'd like to have possibility to use structure, with filters, just like we do in "dashboards" or "search issues" (the same way we use autofilters in Excel). 


Let me know if this is being discussed? Adding this "drop-down feature" would make a huge difference for many users. 


Thanks. Peter

Hello @Peter Strömberg,

David from ALM Works here.

We are discussing something similar to what you suggest, but maybe not exactly.
That said, it would be great to review this with you in more detail.

Please reach out to us via and mention this thread or my name in the ticket!

Best Regards,
David Niro

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Hi David,


Is there any movement on this "drop-down" filter functionality?


Best Regards


Like Dave Rosenlund _Tempo_ likes this

Hello Peter,

There are plans to introduce this, but I don't have a date that I can share at the moment.

I made a note of your interest on the task and will be sure to follow-up with you here.


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Hi @Ersin Eromay@Jaspreet Kaur@Simon Desharnais.  I have an update for you!

The ability to Group Transformations has been introduced in Structure 7.2, which was introduced this week!

Additional information can be found in the documentation.

Check it out and let us know what you think!


-dave [ALM Works]

hello @Ersin Eromay 

I want to add multiple Tranformations-JQL-Filters in structure , as all highlighted in attached screenshot, please provide some function to add or a script.

Thanks in Advance


Hi @Jaspreet Kaur 

I'm sorry. I didn't build a script for it. It was too time-consuming to write a script for it. I am waiting until ALM Works brings this function as a feature.


@Dave Rosenlund _Tempo_ 

Hi Dave, 

we know each other from catworkx midsummerday. We talked on the boat about Structure, BigGantt and so on. If you remember that. 

Can you maybe help me with my problem? 


Greetings from Hamburg 


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