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Justin Siegal August 9, 2022

Hi, we have a structure that looks like the following:

- XProject Tickets

  - XCapability Tickets

     - Epics


Under each XProject Ticket we have at least 3 XCapability tickets, 1 (or more) for FE, 1 (or more) for BE, 1 (or More) for Architecture.  The capabilities are assigned "Team's responsible"  are denoted with a team name in Custom Field 25396.  


What I am eventually trying to get to is a formula column, that only shows on the XProject rows that shows the current Architecture status of that project.  


What I think I need to do in this formula is the following, but I'm getting stuck:

  • Find all child items that have a value of "ABC Architecture" in the custom field 25396
  • If there is only 1 of those items returned, just show that ticket's status.
  • If there are multiple of those items found, return the status of the ticket that is the LEAST way through the lifecycle.
    • For instance, if Ticket 1 is in "Open" and Ticket 2 is in "In Progress", then this formula should return Open.

I decided to start by seeing if I could just access the customfield in the children and return "Arch Found" or "Arch Not Found" as a first step.  And not even this step is working.  (Note I haven't even looked into it only showing on 


WITH archissues = issueLinks.FILTER($.customfield_25396 = "ABC Architecture"):

  IF archissues.SIZE() > 0: "Arch Found"

  ELSE: "Arch Not Found"


Any help would be appreciated!


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Justin Siegal August 9, 2022

Actually, I was able to solve this with one of the "related" issues that popped up on my post that I couldn't find searching!

IF (Issuetype = "XProject",MIN#children{Arch_Status})


And then defining Arch_Status as:

IF JQL {issuetype=XCapability AND cf[25396]="ABC Architecture"}: status


Is there a good way to get these to show up on the structure as actual status boxes instead of plain text? 

Justin Siegal August 9, 2022

Was able to get some colors in using panels, and chose the colors to match our current status colors, but would be nice if I could just pull the currently assigned status format from the ticket somehow!


WITH addBackground(value) =
value = "Open"; """{panel:bgColor=#42536E|borderWidth=0px}{color:white}*$value*{color}{panel}""";
value = "In Definition"; """{panel:bgColor=#DEE1E5|borderWidth=0px}{color:42536E}*$value*{color}{panel}""";
value = "Ready to Start"; """{panel:bgColor=#DDECFF|borderWidth=0px}{color:0847A6}*$value*{color}{panel}""";
value = "In Progress"; """{panel:bgColor=#DDECFF|borderWidth=0px}{color:0847A6}*$value*{color}{panel}""";
value = "Ready for Validation"; """{panel:bgColor=#DDECFF|borderWidth=0px}{color:0847A6}*$value*{color}{panel}""";
value = "Validation"; """{panel:bgColor=#DDECFF|borderWidth=0px}{color:0847A6}*$value*{color}{panel}""";
value = "Accepted"; """{panel:bgColor=#E3FCEF|borderWidth=0px}{color:006644}*$value*{color}{panel}"""
IF JQL {issuetype=XCapability AND cf[25396]="ABC Architecture"}:
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Dave Rosenlund
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August 9, 2022

Good stuff, @Justin Siegal 👍   You may be interested to learn there is a Structure Bootcamp happening soon. See the last row in the August event round up here on the community.

It seems like the 2nd and 3rd sessions will be of particular interest to you.



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Justin Siegal August 9, 2022

Thanks so much Dave!  I'm signed up now!

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