Slack Integration: Jira Cloud instance was disabled by administrator

manabu October 7, 2017

I just re-installed the JIRA app in Slack, and now I get

"Jira Cloud instance was disabled by administrator" error each time I try /jira <url>

I suspect that removing it and then adding it back has something to do with it. I am the admin on my Jira cloud, and that's how I connected it. The initial connection part (presumably oAuth part) connects fine.


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manabu October 21, 2017

Issue Solved

  • This is not related to the permissions with your project so do not go down that line.

Steps To Solve

  1. Sign into your JIRA
  2. Top "Gear" icon and pick System
  3. Select "Add Ons"
  4. On your left, pick "Manage Add Ons"
  5. In "Manage add-ons" Screen, type in Slack in the filter field, and then pick System from the pull down
  6. If #Slack appears in the list, then you have the same problem as I had.
  7. Press Configure
  8. Finally, you will find "Enable Slack Integration" being Off. Turn that on and you are all set!
  9. Go back to Slack and do the /jira <your jira url>
Phil Beville October 14, 2021

Thanks, worked for me

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manabu October 20, 2017

Tried again today, and still having this issue. 

I have removed Slack accounts from all of the JIRAs...

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