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Share Your App Love Story with Atlassian!

Laura Community Manager Jan 31, 2019

(Pssst - show this post some love and you might get rewarded with the February badge.)

We know apps (formerly known as plugins or add-ons) are a big part of your life. You spend a lot of time together, you share information, you might even stay up late together with a glass of wine by the fire. Everyone’s story is unique - and I’d love to hear yours!

How did you find each other?

What impact has it had on your work? and your organization?

(Bonus points for rom com references)

Looking forward to hearing your stories!


Love Apptually,



I hope this post gets me closer to the six degrees of Kevin Bacon, I'll leave it up to @Laura to decide. 


I have to say that the best app I've used so far is BigPicture.  

When I came on board at Parker there was little to no way to manage risk within their system, and noting was run at a program level. We tried to give accurate status reports, but so much was lost in translation that it hard to say anything. While I wasn't the top gun in the department, I was responsible for adding some structure to project and program management, so I evaluated several apps that would help.

We have some larger scale programs going into Jira now, so we may need to move to Portfolio, for a number of reasons, but I prefer to manage risk in BigPicture; that is the feature I love, actually. 

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Bridget Community Manager Feb 15, 2019

I know Kevin's daughter, Sosie, from college! There you go @Scott Theus :)

We use both Confluence and Jira below are my thoughts.

By far the most useful app that we have purchased for Confluence is ConfiForms. There are SO MANY cool uses for this app that I could go on for a while, but the typical ones we use it for is creating email forms in Confluence and app-like pages where we can store all kinds of structured data that can be displayed and reported on in various ways.

For Jira the app that has provided the most use for us is ScriptRunner. Being able to use scripts to influence our workflows/screens/fields has taken the customizability and configurabilty of Jira to a whole new level for us. Many of the things we do with workflows today would simply not be possible with a base Jira install.

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I am sure everyone is going to give a shout out to ScriptRunner (and rightfully so), however I am going to give a little love to my main man Bob Swift.

His Create on Transition is game changing in JIRA workflows. Being able to spin off subtasks of a Parent issue or create another issue in an entirely different JIRA project is just......awesome.

We have written a custom webservices application in Confluence using just his SQL for Confluence and Run Self Service Reports app. 

The man is an 'OG' in the Atlassian app world and a super nice guy to boot.  What do you do when you meet the man, the myth, the legend?  You grab one of his pillows and get a photo.  That's what you do.  (photo from US Summit 2017 - I am the one with no hair, Bob has all the hairz)


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I find these classics indispensable:


The missing scripting engine that makes Jira a platform to build your custom business logic. I've also been using behaviours more as a way to help consolidate configuration schemes. Have 100 projects with the same field configuration, but just 1 that needs field xyz required? Just configure a behavior to do it instead of forking your configuration.

Jira Enterprise Mail Handler

Born out of necessity because the native Jira mail handler doesn't handle real world situations well. Once installed, I no longer have to spend my time figuring out why emails didn't get added to a ticket when users email with a vanity email, or unstucking incoming Jira mail processing, or creating tens of mailboxes.

Three new ones I've started using more, and getting good results with:

Jira Automation Plugin

The webhook endpoints makes integrating with other services easily. The GUI driven configuration replaces so of the simple ScriptRunner scripts we have, and lets us turnaround user requests faster.

Time to SLA

We needed a SLA solution that can establish rules across multiple projects. This is useful when you need to apply a organizational wide goal. The tool offers a lot of flexibility in how SLAs are calculated, and the built-in SLA alerts, reporting, and fine-grained targeting of what issues to apply SLAs to makes this a great solution.

Jira Structure + Gantt

A very flexible tool that allows you to see your roadmap form a high-level view, and lets you drill down into the details to help you find answers. It's also simple to build out views that look very similar to Excel that regular users can use and update with ease.  It helps bridge the gap between those that like the simplicity of a spreadsheet, and those that need the audit trail of Jira. The formulas let end-users dynamically calculate values from existing fields. The grouping, roll-up, gantt charts just makes PMs gush with joy. Embeds directly into Confluence to help tell your story.


PS: Many of my favorites are Server-only. Would be a hard sell to move to Cloud without these.

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Am a cloud user... can confirm that final statement. It does the job but there's so many apps for server only #Crying 😥

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I'm totally with you on Automation for Jira and Structure. They are both game changers.

50 Shades Cleaner

I'm in love with Cleaner for Jira ... and it's not an unrequited love.  They love me too.  I've provided several testing feedback comments and they have listened and implemented some feature requests.  

I am one of a few Jira Administrators for a large instance.  Cleaner has helped me to identify hundreds of inactive projects and once we deleted those (We saved them off with Configuration Manger for Jira {another great app} before deleting them -- just in case users needed them back.) we were able to then delete, using Cleaner's quick check it and delete method.  It's quite a release to hit that button!  (I'm keeping it clean for the kiddos.) 

We've deleted about 300 Issue Types alone.  It was the 'wild west' before some new leadership came in an now it's taking months to undo all of the rootin' tootin' items that are out there.  

Thank you Cleaner for Jira - Will you marry me?

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I'm going to have to look into this one as we administer an Enterprise solution as well.  I'm loving the administrator updates Atlassian has added, but this takes it to another level!  We've been running backend scripts to identify these areas, love this user interface!

I think the top plug-ins in the app rankings are widely used and well received. I will introduce 4 free plugins that I have used in my work. They helped me solve some problems in my work.

E-Mail this Page

Confluence's own sharing page feature allows you to send page titles and links to selected users or groups via email, but without detailed page content.

We also hope to see specific information in the email, such as meeting minutes, technology sharing, and so on.
In addition, there are some special cases where some users do not have Confluence access rights, but we still hope that the page information in Confluence can be directly transmitted to the user.


This plugin adds a new button to all Confluence page options, and you can choose which users, user groups or external recipients to receive the page from. With plugin settings, you can define custom CSS for each email. All images are compressed and attached to the email. This plugin is compatible with most of the default Marcos.

Flow Board

The Flow Board can implement functions similar to Kanban. Although there is no powerful Agile Board and Kanban in Jira, the advantage is that no need for more configuration and learning costs. Each Confluence user can customize their own board by inserting macros. , is a lightweight task management Kanban
For example, HR can customize the interview process board as a source of information so that people who need real-time attention to people's recruitment can intuitively track the interview process.


Flow Board provides a free, flexible and intuitive way to organize a list of task cards, allowing you to quickly capture all the information in a multi-column task.
The following features are supported:
1. Create task columns and task cards
2. Drag the card directly in the list
3. Add detailed information to the card and assign the responsible person

No Email Storm

If you always forget to uncheck Notify Watchers while editing the Confluence page, spam that generates a lot of non-important changes disturbs your colleagues, then No Email Storm is the plugin you need!


No Email Storm replaces the Notify Watchers checkbox with the clearly visible <Save> and <Save and Notify> buttons. If you want to save the page without sending a notification to the page viewer, click <Save>; or click <Save and notify> to let your colleagues know what changes have been made.
Contains the following features:
1. Replace the Notify Watchers option with two buttons
2. Set the main button and enable it by user group
3. Enable add-ons for your account independently

Tree View

If you don't want to pay attention to the contents of a certain space, you are only interested in the contents of some of the directory tree structures, such as <Trading> in the <Project Management> space and its sub-pages. If there are many sub-pages, one It’s cumbersome to pay attention to the operation, then Tree View is the plugin you need. Even if you generate a new subpage, you don’t need to pay attention to it!


Confluence provides two options, <Follow Page>, <Follow All Contents>, which is extended by Tree View. The plugin provides the ability to batchly focus on pages and their subpages, including the following features:
1.Watch tree: Focus on the directory tree
2.Un-watch tree: Unfollow the number of directories

I hope these plugins can also bring you convenience at work.

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Tuncay Senturk Community Leader Feb 02, 2019


I'm in love with Yet Another Commit Checker free app for Bitbucket in which you can easily define your rules as commit hooks and reject the ones that you do not want in your repository.

Sonar for Bitbucket and Sonar for Bamboo are also indispensable apps for automation of static code analysis.

For Confluence, Comala Workflows is really nice and it is one of the most desired apps by our clients.

Cleaner for Jira pays my attention these days and it looks like it will be one of the top apps.

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Good topic and the list could be really huge. There are some add-ons that are big enough to cause a huge impact within the organization and those small one that are super practical like the door key needed to enter to your home.

On the first category for Confluence I would like to mention Comala Workflow, Scroll Word Exporter and ConfiForm for Jira I like Automated Release Notes, Automation for Jira and Profields.  On the second Category for Confluence I like Multiexcerpt and for Jira Canned Response.

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Here is a just released article about The Purpose of the Atlassian Marketplace, I hope it will help those that are looking to address their team business needs with Atlassian apps. Have Fun!

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And Here is another article addressing how to maximize the Return on Investment, using as example the app Automated Release Notes for Jira.

Like Anand Inamdar_Amoeboids likes this

We're NOT using Marketplace Apps... O M G ! Totally sux 😥👎

We don't have the budget for the ones that would deliver most value to our way of working and the free ones don't tend to match / answer our needs. 

But I've thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the ones listed above and look forward to more & more suggestions from other community buddies for me to review 😁📖

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LarryBrock Community Leader Feb 02, 2019

Greetings Laura Renfroe and everyone else!

For Jira, my latest affection is centered on Cleaner for Jira .  This app has helped me efficiently help more people in the shortest time over the past year.

For Confluence, Multi Excerpt for Confluence is my huckleberry as it allows me to do exactly what I want - put many on a single page, which I find myself doing pretty frequently.  (I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing - thoughts?)

Honorable mentions go to Wiki Markup for Confluence and to Automation for Jira. These apps have proven their worth time and time again.


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@LarryBrock , Multiexcerpt is one of those little gems that add so much value to confluence, it is the type of app that you would like to have it as out of the box ;)


I would like to mention the Stucture for Jira plugin.

This plugin represents issues as a hierarchy of issues. Many users of Jira ask about this functionality and Structure does it in a simple and yet flexible way.

I began to use this plugin about 4 years ago and at that time I had problems with the plugin performance, but the ALM team (which is the vendor of the plugin) redesigned this plugin and now it works fast.

This plugin also lets users to sum fields, group the issue hierarchy by fields.

I love this plugin.

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My sales/product people would want me to say Scriptrunner, but I'm not here to be a sales person.  It is close to the top of my list of course, as I've always been customising Jira and it makes it so easy while avoiding me having to write my own apps.

I couldn't choose a single App as a favourite - there are so many I really like and different systems I help with need different apps.

So I'll go for the very first one I installed to solve a problem.  My earliest experiences with Atlassian stuff were all inheriting systems that had already had selected apps and I needed to look after them, but finding and then persuading the business to install it because it was a good solution was the point at which I think people started seeing me as good at this Atlassian stuff.

So I have a soft-spot for the Footnotes macro plugin (although it's now been absorbed into Content Formatting app - which is something I always miss when a Confluence doesn't have it)

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I would normally say Scriptrunner, but JExcel has been a lifesaver for a couple of projects we had. 

I've been working with this client from UK, really difficult stakeholder, that needed a way to use Jira while having a similar experience to Microsoft Excel. 

It's not efficient, it's not pretty, but for them, it got the job done. Took a couple of days to get IT to approve the addon for our instance, but that was it :) the client was happy.

Considering moving to JExcel Pro some time in the future, but it really depends on the clients' needs at this point.

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Peter DeWitt Community Leader Feb 04, 2019

I'll highlight the CRM Plugin for Jira by Go2Group. the last few places I have called home have been big Salesforce shops and this app does and beautiful job bridging the gap between the two.  It has made me look really good on more than one occasion. The other aspect I love about this app is support they provide. On more than one occasion, we have encountered a bug in the app and a new release was made available to use even before it was pushed to the marketplace.  

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I'm also going to plug Structure for Jira.  The grid view allows for quick organization and editing as simple as a spreadsheet.  At this point, I don't know how to use Jira without it.

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Kat Marketplace Partner Feb 04, 2019

What a Girl Wants is to be able to communicate with customers easily. Rumor Has It that we are expected to treat 'App/s' as a distinct word that is not an abbreviation of 'Applications'. Something's Gotta Give!

I try to Play the Game but The Ugly Truth is this terminology change away from 'Add-on/s' makes Life as We Know It harder.

I know When in Rome, and I should Just Go with It. But The Switch of words, well, It's Complicated

Ah well, let's see What Happens in Vegas when I can talk to some of the Atlassian team in person.

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LarryBrock Community Leader Feb 04, 2019

I agree @Kat - is Jira the app, is Jira Software the app, or is Turbo Kit for Jira the app.  Heaven forbid they are all "the app" as this will be the point that my brain implodes. :-)

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@Kat: Ha ha ha ha ! ! Best Community Comment of 2019 (so far!) Hilarious 😂😆👏

Your diligence with the links is 1st Class!

@LarryBrock: Sounds to me like we're dealing with some.... 


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Ha ha ha!!! Hilarious!!! loved your comment and the references are great!

I am a very visual person! And I deal with a lot of customer support portals, they all look the same and are very boring.

Refined Theme for Jira makes me a happy admin! I love to make each customer portal unique. We don't have a proper knowledge-base set up but you are able to add specific hardcoded links that are visually appealing in their own columns of what they are used for.

You can view the "My Requests" directly from the same area where you open a request rather than having to navigate to another part of the portal. It also allows you to add HTML and custom CSS to really personalize.

Anyway it's a fun little add-on full of potential!!

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At Comalatech we're very fortunate to work with a ton of amazing app companies, including apps from K15t, cPrime, Communardo, and many many others. 

But, recently we fell in love with RefinedTheme for Confluence by RefinedWiki. We installed it on our Product Documentation instance, and the new theme is much more in line with our branding, but even more importantly the information in the wiki is so much easier to find. We actually blogged about it if you want to know more:

The app has a simple admin UI, but its simplicity belies the power with which you can completely customize your users' experience. I'd recommend anyone who wants more control over their Confluence look and feel to check it out. 

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I have really good experiences with many apps and fellow vendors in this ecosystem, but I would like to mention one that hasn't been highlighted so far: the Tempo Timesheets app. That app makes time tracking seamless and reporting not suck. We use it internally and I personally use it to make detailed worklogs so I'm prepared for standups every morning.

We at Midori have the honor to also work with the team at Tempo as we develop integrating apps. I love that they are always available for questions, open to collaboration and care about not just their customers but about their partners and the community in general.

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I've got a lot of love for apps to share - so I'm just gonna tell you the story of my first love (and it's not music).

When I started project "product knowledgement" as part of my master thesis over three years ago I only knew little about Confluence. One of the requests for the training programm according product knowledgement was to implement the concept of blended learning which means:

  • start off with a test and show the participant where they are standing with their knowledge for each part of the training
  • make knowledgement available for all participants so that they can improve with self studying
  • create a final test that all participants have to make after the live trainings to check whether the complete content of the training did arrive
  • give the opportunity for networking with everyone from the training and all experts (catchword gamification)
  • Availability of content + networking - no problem with Confluence. But the test thing...

... that's were my first love appeared. Quizzes for Confluence

With the help of @Katerina Kuznetsovaand and her team I was able to create quizzes for all 18 topics of the training and of course also for the final test. For the start quizzes I created up to 10 different for each topic. Each participant had to pass all 18 topic trainings where randomly three different questions from the according topic were picked.
The self test after the training session 10 out of 120 different questions from all topics were randomly picked out which all had to be answered correctly.

The awesome things are:

  • You can see who passed, failed and also signed in for a test which can help you to improve content and training sessions.
  • There are so many different settings like time, number of attempts and many more to bring more action to the quiz.
  • You have the possibility to link to the content according the question when the answer is wrong so that the participants can help themselves to answer correct next time.

Thanks again to @Katerina Kuznetsova and her team for the big support - we only had like 4 weeks to get everything working correctly in German - and damn it worked perfect!

I know that she is still waiting for a report about the decor quiz (my company produces wood and stone decors for flooring and furniture companys). For this decor quiz StiltSoft gave me the opportunity to automatically create a quiz with a csv-file of all our 3500 different decors with pics where the participants have to name the right kind of wood, our decor number or decor name. It's great and I swear I didn't forget you! 

The people in the company totally love it - many other locations started creating their own quizzes for teaching people. 

That's what a question site for one decor looks like (sorry everything is German)


Translation would be:

What kind of decor are we having here? (If it's wood - please name right kind of wood)

  • Softwoods
  • Birch
  • Alder / Lime
  • Oak
  • Ash
  • Acacia / Chestnut
  • Hickory / Elm
  • Beech
  • Maple
  • Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Fruitwood
  • Exotic woods
  • Teak
  • Other woods
  • Fantasy
  • Stone
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Hi To all, 

I've checked/tested/used more than 450 addons for Confluence, JIra and recently for Trello and I've experience a lot of situation . I have my favorite addon but I think. In a new project I've use Profields fo Jira. Thanks to profields, it is possible to extend the project information and exploit it, combining it with what users write in the issues, in order to have a complete global vision and creating spectacular statistics

But this is the one :) . I also suggest use those addons;

Kanban Combined WIP for Jira where we can add a lot of graphics in Kanban board and have the same situation of Trello.

- SumUP for Jira, I use for my business statistics and check my Invoices payments ;) and so forth

- Timereports for Jira, I use to determine my timereport for each customer, for my invoices (alternative to TEMPO). At this moment, all my invoices are correct :D

- ShareIT from Comalatech, I always suggest for sharing Confluence Pages with not Confluence Users (only for server.... Come on Comalatech: create the same for Cloud :D)

I stop myself.... If I continue I will talk of all 450 addons ;)

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Really great add-ons!!

Like Fabio Genovese likes this

Really awesome!   👍🥇😎

Like Fabio Genovese likes this

@Andy - PTC Redundant Take a look. Search artigianodelsoftware ;) 

Like Andy - PTC Redundant likes this

@Fabio Genovese: I most certainly will. I must say, dissapointed ShareIT is not on Cloud. I would love to have that one!

Like Fabio Genovese likes this

It goes far, far, far beyond regular love... And simple answer here is not enough. If you wanna blame me - sure, be my guest, but firstly get this: If that would be about women, I would be in jail (trigamy story)

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Like # people like this
Hubert Kut Community Leader Feb 08, 2019

I still remember sunny day in 2013 when I first time installed Jira workflow toolbox. Addon developed by just one person (Fidel Castro [not from Cuba :P]) that time! I  gave it a try and it was love from the first sight. It was so powerful! No scripting and just pure magic in configuration of Validations, Conditions and Post functions. In compare to other popular solutions it was like Porsche. Of course you could do that in Script Runner but come on, maintaining several dozen of scripts is not cool! And here just Boolean validator or parse text to field. Since this time I've been in several companies and I always bringing it with me. Currently we have on the market Jira Automation probably with better UI and other tools but still my sympathy and routine keep me using it. It like with spouse it gets older but still it's beautiful for you :D 
PS: after acquisitions it's even better and I was afraid as hell about breaking it :P 
PS2: Special remarks for Power Scripts, Time to SLA and EazyBI

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