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Query issue is limited to 20 issues


I am using

 // create a connection to JIRA
 var jira = new Jira("http://<your_jira_server>", "<user>", "<password>");

 // use LINQ syntax to retrieve issues
 var issues = from i in jira.Issues
              where i.Assignee == "admin" && i.Priority == "Major"
              orderby i.Created
              select i;
and query result only with first 20 items.
How can i get remaining issues?
Thanking you in advance.

7 answers

you can achieve this using following code :

 int itemsPerPage=1;

int startAt=0;

IPagedQueryResult<Issue> pagedQueryResult = await _oJira.Issues.GetIssuesFromJqlAsync($"project = {projectName} ORDER BY created DESC", itemsPerPage, startAt);

if (pagedQueryResult.Count() > 0) {

_oJira.MaxIssuesPerRequest = pagedQueryResult.TotalItems;

var listTickets = (from i in _oJira.Issues.Queryable  where i.Project.Equals(projectName, StringComparison.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase) select i).ToList();


It returns max 1000 even if there are more number of Jira items.

Try setting the MaxIssuesPerRequest property. For instance:

jira.MaxIssuesPerRequest = int.MaxValue;

Since this is the top search result: None of the above issues worked for me: But this works well:


private List<Issue> GetIssues()
List<Issue> issues = new List<Issue>();

int issuesPerRequest = 100;
int startAt = 0;
int total = 0;

var newIssues = _client.Issues.GetIssuesFromJqlAsync(string.Empty, maxIssues: issuesPerRequest, startAt).Result;

total = newIssues.TotalItems;
startAt = startAt + newIssues.ItemsPerPage;
} while (startAt < total);

return issues;

I share my solution to the problem, which is getting the issues page by page and storing them in a List:

private static List<Issue> GetIssues(Jira jira, string jql)
List<Issue> issues = new List<Issue>();

int incr = 0;
int total = 0;

IssueSearchOptions s = new IssueSearchOptions(jql);

s.StartAt = incr;
s.MaxIssuesPerRequest = 100;

Task<IPagedQueryResult<Issue>> results = GetIssuesAsyncPaged(jira, s);

total = results.Result.TotalItems;

foreach (Issue i in results.Result)

incr += results.Result.Count();

} while (incr < total);

return issues;

try "jira.Issues.MaxIssuesPerRequest = 2000"

Has this been resolved?

Even when you use int.MaxValue or "-1", the max issues returned is 1000.
How do you get to access all the issues?

I get a limit of 100. :( I had to loop through fetching multiple results. Msg me if you want my sample code. 

yup, please Colin - can you post it up?

Has anyone figured this out yet? I am having the same problem...

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