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JMWE Post Function Conditional on User Group (cloud)

Hi team! 

I'm my trying (quite unsuccessfully) to execute a Conditional Post Function based on the reporter's "Group" which I have set here: Site Administration > User Management > Groups

  • Reporter's user Group = Analyst
  • Component/s = Acquisition

Can someone please help with how to construct the Nunjunks template? 


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{{ issue.fields.reporter | isInGroup("Analyst") }}

But I don't see what the Component/s field has to do with anything here...

Thank you David.  I thought I'd given this syntax a test run to no avail.  must not have.  cheers!

@David Fischer _Appfire_ - I am trying to accomplish the same thing, but I get this error. We are using server, not cloud.  

{{ issue.fields.reporter | isInGroup("Jira Portfolio Management Team") }}


Compilation error(s):
script15608722462601634036350.groovy: 1: Ambiguous expression could be either a parameterless closure expression or an isolated open code block;
   solution: Add an explicit closure parameter list, e.g. {it -> ...}, or force it to be treated as an open block by giving it a label, e.g. L:{...} @ line 1, column 1.
   {{ issue.fields.reporter | isInGroup("Jira Portfolio Management Team") }}

@SMAtlassianMber JMWE for Jira Server uses Groovy, not Nunjucks.

On Server, you want this:

 issue.get("reporter")?.isInGroup("Jira Portfolio Management Team")
Like David likes this


I'm on Server and want to execute a condition based on the name of a group or a role, please help.



Hi John,

the example right above your question is for Server.

What do you mean exactly by "want to execute a condition based on the name of a group or a role"? Do you need conditional execution of a post-function? Or a workflow Condition?

Hi David,

Thanks for responding!

I want to execute a post function to send an email to Slack upon "Create". The condition is only to allow a group of users. I can create this group or I can create a role and assign these users to it, which way is better?

Ex. So if the Reporter role is "Developers", can the script be as below?

issue.get("reporter") == "Developers"



Hi David,

Since the group is small enough, I was able to implement using the below condition:

issue.get("reporter") == "user id 1";"user id 2"...



I was able to get this to work instead 

Scripted (Groovy) Validator (JMWE add-on)' Validator

ComponentAccessor.getGroupManager().isUserInGroup(currentUser, "Jira Portfolio Management Team")

Thanks. It helped me

Hi @David Fischer _Appfire_

Trust you are doing well, 

we want to add a JMWE postfunction to set a field value based on the Reporter domain.

Ex: we want to set a field value Internal if Reporter domain equals and value External if the reporter domain

we are able to achieve this with Automation by comparing values like adding condition as {{reporter.emailaddress.split("@").last}} == then any action follows.

But we need to add this to postfunction on create to include this value before the triggering create event.

Thanks in advance for your solution,



Hi @Ajay ,

I'm afraid I didn't get that part: 

But we need to add this to postfunction on create to include this value before the triggering create event.

Can you elaborate?

Thanks for reply @David Fischer _Appfire_ 

We would like to a add a postfuctions that populates a field based on the Reporter Domain before the create event is triggeredCancelled to closed.pngFor that, please help us with JMWE conditional execution logic or Built in script.

 Hope it clears now.

Thanks in advance for the help.



Hi @Ajay ,

unfortunately, that won't be possible, as third-party post-functions always run after built-in post-functions (such as "Fire Issue Created event") on Jira Cloud. That's a Jira Cloud limitation.

Thanks  @David Fischer _Appfire_ letting this know.

Is it possible to set a field value based on Reporter Domain ?

If it is can you please help me with the script I should use in the conditional execution section.



Hi @Ajay ,

why do you need Conditional Execution? Do you have only a single domain you want to check, and thus a single possible value in that custom field?

In that case, you could use something like this:

{% set email = issue.fields.reporter | emailAddress %} 
{{ email.match(r/@(\w+\.\w+)/)[1] == "" }}

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