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Is there a cloud version for Scrolls versions APP?

Hi, I have been watching some Scroll APPs documentation, but I can not find any related with Scroll versions for confluence in a cloud version. Does not exist such version? Will it be released soon? My company is interested in an APP like this, but we have a confluence cloud version. Please let me know if there is any suggestions in this respect.

1 answer

Hi Andrés,

Thank you for your interest in Scroll Versions.

You are right, currently we only offer Scroll Versions for Confluence Server and DataCenter. As the Scroll Versions app is very complex and server-focused, a port to Confluence Cloud is not currently on our radar, but feel free to make your voice heard in this feature request.

As for alternatives, I would direct you to look into Scroll Documents for Confluence Cloud. It does offer some versioning functionality, though not as extensive as Scroll Versions. If you can provide a little more information on the way in which you were planning to use Scroll Versions, I might be able to give some more detailed suggestions.

Cheers, David

Thank you David for your answer,

I have been reading too the documentation about Scroll documents for confluence Cloud, but I do not think that this tool be useful for the purpose that my company has. Althought, we will give it a try for others reasons.

However, I can tell you what is that we want to do. We have a base product that has many versions with different capabilities. Also this base product is instanciated for each client that we have, because our clients need some extra functionality. Then, we had thought about Scroll versions, because we would manage the different versions of the base product and reuse it for create the documentation for each one of our clients, with the variants functionality.

That is all I can tell you.

What is your opinion? What suggestions can you bring us?

Regards, Felipe

Hi Felipe,

Thank you for providing input about your use case. Unfortunately, what you are describing is a typical Scroll Versions use case, utilizing a number of Scroll Versions features at the same time. As you stated yourself, this is too much to handle for Scroll Documents and to be honest I doubt you will find any substitutes for Cloud.

All that comes to my mind in terms of workarounds would be an elaborate setup with duplicating documentation spaces for each version of product features and using Include-macros to compile every product documentation from the feature space with the corresponding version.

I actually recently covered the subject of modular documentation in a couple of blogs about both Scroll Versions and out-of-the-box Confluence.

Basically, what you would need to do is a setup like I described it in this Scroll Versions blog post under 'Modular Product Documentation', but without the version-sensitive Include+ macro. Instead you would have to manage every version in a separate space and include it from there into the documentation space. You can have a look at the Content Reuse in Confluence post for some tips about setting up a Content Reuse strategy without apps.

As I noted, this would be a workaround, so don't expect too much.

I hope this was helpful.

Cheers, David.


I'm 1 year late to this conversation, but I'd also like to know if Scroll Version's conditional text "variants" capability is on your roadmap for Confluence Cloud or be part of an upgrade for Scroll Documents?  I was trying to find this specific feature in Scroll Documents, but it doesn't seem like it is available.  Variants is the "must-have" feature to help support our Agile documentation methodologies.


@David Majninger _K15t_ ,

Quite some time has passed since your initial response of focusing on the Server and Data Center editions of Confluence. I'm curious if given the recent announcement that Atlassian is pushing all its on-prem customers to the cloud in the near future has changed your prioritization of the Cloud version of you app? It won't be right away of course, but it seems like the writing is on the wall.


Hi @Taylor Ralston

thanks for your continued interest! Quite some time has indeed passed and our priorities have also shifted toward providing technical communication solutions for the Cloud.

Just recently, we went live with the K15t Cloud Migration Hub, which outlines the current Cloud availability and differences of K15t’s apps.

You’ll find the Scroll Versions section under this link. The summary is that we’ll make Scroll Documents the new solution for technical communication on both Confluence Cloud and on-prem Confluence. It already has a fair overlap in features and integrations with Scroll Versions and we plan to extend that list by adding features like variant and language support as well as a clear migration path.

If you have feedback, thoughts or concerns, please let us know here or submit a support ticket under!



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