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Is it possible to add custom non-Jira columns in Structure?

Hello, I have a structure folder consisting of a number of Jira items. I would like to add a few custom columns that dont exist in my Jira instance, for example, an Y/N indicator column where i can simply add in Y/N indicator to showcase if the requirements for the issue are fully flushed out or not. This would be a field that i would update in my structure view and will not be available against the Jira issue. Is something like this possible?

If no, would it be possible it we use memo's instead of Jira issues? I havent figured out if this is possible when using memos either.

Thanks for reading/responding!

2 answers

Hi Rajiv,

There are a few ways to achieve this. The most simple one is using Notes column - you can add free form comments, which will not be copied to issues and will actually be local to the structure you enter comment in.

Another is Formula column, this is more about displaying automated warnings, you won't be able to enter values, yourself, but you can set up a comprehensive metric, that would provide live reflection of the criteria you choose.

Finally, there is Structure.Testy free extension to Structure, that provides a dropdown list of various statuses and aggregation of those statuses if needed.

Please, let me know if any of these catches your attention.

Egor Tasa

ALM Works

Thank you for the response, Egor. Notes is something I am using now to record other information - initially I thought it could be used to create multiple Notes columns with different names, to essentially create additional custom columns, but doesnt look like that is possible.. :)

I will explore Formula & the Testy extension in detail -  but based on initial review it doesnt look like either of those would allow me to get these custom columns but will be useful in other ways.

Thanks again!

Hello, @Rajiv Menon .  You can def. do what you describe above by one or more of the methods outlined by @Egor Tasa [ALM Works].  The best way to do it will depend on the details of the various columns you need (Y/N being one example).

Memo's are like notes in some respects, but they are a new type of row in a structure, vs. a column. Think of memos as an alternative to Folders and/or a way to add important information to a structure in a row vs. a column. 

Feel free to contact us directly if you'd like assistance with your use case - We'll be happy to help.


Hello, Is there any plan to support a feature like this in the future? It would be nice to have a set of local free-form text or variables that could be used in a structure in addition to the formulas.

Not all user's have the ability to create custom fields in Jira and this could act as a temporary method to test out ideas with basic fields.

- Joe

@Joe Darrah. In fact, these capabilities already exist if you are using the Server or Data Center versions of Structure. Check out the Notes Column. That column can contain any freeform text you'd like. For variables, you may want to have a look at the Formula Column.

If you are using Structure on Jira Cloud you'll have to be patient a little while longer. Check out the Structure Cloud roadmap to learn more.

Hope this helps,

-dave [ALM Works]

Hi Dave! I did see the Notes column which is great, but is limited in that you can only have one unique instance of it on the structure. So it allows for a single free-form field but not custom fields. Also when I said Variables I guess I meant something more similar to an Array of values, rather than the Variables used in the Formula columns.



Hi, everyone!

I agree with Joe. 

It will be wonderful if Users will be able to create two and more "notes-column" in their Structure. 

For example for creating "Formula column1" = "Notes Column1" + "NotesColumn2"

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Hi, @Joe Darrah & @Alexander Bondarev. I have shared your feedback with the development team.

There’s a task in the backlog for this, but no schedule at this time. I will post an update here when there is news. 



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Just piling on. I tried adding multiple notes columns and thought I had hit a bug, updating one updates all of them!

Right now, I'm using a gross work around where my Notes column has things like "field1=value,field2=value" so that I can have Field 1 and Field 2 as columns elsewhere in the structure.

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Hi, @John Booker.  Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation. Joe and Alexander were already in our systems. If you'd like to be notified, too, drop us a note via and mention "multiple notes columns." I'll make sure you get added to the list.


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