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Ilia Shapira December 1, 2021


Is it possible to show an Insight Report on a Customer portal ?

Or is there any other way to display an information from Insight on a Customer portal ?

I have some information that I want to make available to users who don't usually use Insight



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DevRimantas December 13, 2021


I'm looking for the same feature but it's not possible. 

Default JSM does not provide a functionality of Customer portal reports - it provides only basic features

There are some plugins through:

To create reports in JSM customer portal (it does not include insight fields):

It is possible (with this plugin as mentioned in their documentation) to create "my requests" page with Insight custom field values. You would need to configure Insight custom fields to be accessible via Customer portal and then add the desired insight fields in the "Columns" configuration.

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December 13, 2021

Thank you @DevRimantas for mentioning My Requests. I'm a product owner of this app and I confirm what has been written above.

@Ilia Shapira in case of any doubts about how to configure it, let us know via the customer portal.


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Ilia Shapira December 21, 2021

Actually we are already using My Requests Extension

But unfortunately this is not exactly what we are looking for

We are looking for something like "Insight macro for Confluence" that would allow us to display a data from Insight based on a query on some page


The information we want to display is not related to any specific ticket

DevRimantas December 21, 2021

@Ilia Shapira actually there is an app "Insight macro for Confluence"! It's provided by Atlassian and supported, it's free and I think it should work with anonymous access. Here's the link - 

I even found some documentation links:

About the installation: 

About usage:

About configuration:

Please write back if it helped!

Ilia Shapira December 22, 2021

We are looking for something like "Insight macro for Confluence" 

We can't use it  we need something that allows the same functionality but on JIRA

DevRimantas January 3, 2022

So the idea is that you make the Confluence page (with Insight data) public and add a link in Jira customer portal as a knowledge base article (make the page as recommended kb article for request type, or even add a direct link in the request type description text).

Refined for JSM could extend the design even further - you could create a separate page or button-links that refer to the Confluence page.

You could even "embed" (kind of a workaround, but still) a confluence page in JSM portal:

From the discussion:


This is least I have achieved this on cloud using portal announcements. Effectively these were the steps:

  • Create the knowledge base article and add a label to it ie. label = portal
  • Set the article as a suggestion for any request form (this is to get the url from the article)   - project settings -> Knowledge base -> Only show articles labeled
  • Go into the portal, create a new request, type in the summary field the name of the article to bring up the suggestion in the form, click on it and go to the article and copy the URL it takes you to ie.
  • Go back to the project portal page, select customize on the right, Portal announcement, put in a heading (I called it Documentation), and in the Message put the URL for the suggested article in this format - [name|url]
  • place as many URL's in the message as you like
  • go back to project settings -> knowledge base -> and remove the label from Only show articles labeled as you do not need it to disaply the url of the article once it is available the first time as a suggestion

This link will open the article in the portal meaning you don't need to give the url out of your space to your customer and keep them within the portal. You will need to ensure that the article is available to be read by anonymous users which is set by default.


Ilia Shapira January 4, 2022

We can't do something like that

Our Confluence has no access to the JIRA server 

They are on a completely separate networks

This is why we can't the same functionality as "Insight macro for Confluence" , but for JIRA customer portal 

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