How to filter all defects of an Xray Testplan

grvermeulen April 17, 2019

I want to filter for the defects that were created by the different test executions in a specific Xray (plugin) test plan.

I've tried: project = SCRUM and issue in (testPlanTests("SCRUM-42785")) and issue in defectsCreatedDuringTesting(),

but that doesn't give any results. Via the report generator I can generate a report and get a link to the the tests that failed and indirected I get the linked defects to that test. But I prefer to have the defects straight away. 

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Monik February 22, 2023


i am also looking for solution here - i need list of DEFECTS linked with FAIL test cases from a particular Test Plan,

Only list of defects from FAIL test cases....

any ideas?


thx in advance

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Ganesh Kalimuthan February 13, 2020


See if this helps...

1. Create a filter for all the test executions of the Test Plan - "issue in testPlanTestExecutions(<Enter test plan jira ID>)"

2. Save this filter - say "All Test Executions of XX Test Plan"

3. Create another filter -  "issue in (defectsCreatedDuringTestExecution("All Test Executions of XX Test Plan"))"

This will list all the defects related to the test plan

reyelle.matanguihan July 8, 2023

issue in testPlanTestExecutions(<Enter test plan jira ID>) does not work

It gives me error: Unable to find JQL function 'testPlanTestExecutions(CCP-17105)

Do you create the function manually?

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J Larkin February 12, 2020

hi i can't help sorry but have same question i think:

how to search jql for defects / bugs linked to an xray testPLAN.

like this, defectsCreatedDuringTestExecution

but would be akin to defectsCreatedDuringTestPlan

--any help much appreciated.

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