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How to bulk clone tests - Xray


I'm using Xray Test Management and i'm trying to clone several tests (bulk clone) from a project to another. I used "Deep Clone for Jira" but the test details were not cloned.

Any sugestion to solve this?

Thank you

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Hi @Raquel Querido ,

I would recommend that you ask "Deep Clone for Jira" team support for that. Xray by itself doesn't provide that out-of-the-box.

If Deep Clone for Jira team need help they can reach out to Xray team to clarify how to make it happen.


Sérgio Freire

Welcome to the community, @Raquel Querido . 

I am the product manager of Deep Clone for Jira.

Currently it is not possible to bulk clone Xray tests with Deep Clone for Jira.

As @Sergio Freire - Xblend mentioned, it would still be helpful if you could contact our support. This helps us to prioritize and we could notify you once Xray is supported.


Update 2022-04-25: We released an update that enables you to bulk clone Xray tests with manual test steps.

Update 2022-05-30: It's now possible to clone also "generic" and "cucumber" test details.

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Hello @Marlene Kegel -codefortynine- , Is there any further progress on this? I have the same requirement as @Raquel Querido . 

Welcome to the community, @Lisa Ossanlow .

The requirements is on our radar and we're collecting interest from customers. Unfortunately the Xray integration would require a significant effort on our side, which is why we didn't have time to implement it yet.

We will certainly notify you in this thread if we make any progress on cloning Xray test steps with Deep Clone in the future.

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@Marlene Kegel - codefortynine any progress on this? Our company also need to have a possibility to bulk clone xray tests in jira (including test steps). 

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Sorry for the late reply, @Artūras Lipnickis. And welcome to the community.

Unfortunaltey I have nothing new to share. I will update this thread if we made progress on this.

Dear @Marlene Kegel - codefortynine Do you have any updates about this topic?

We recently need to bulk clone test cases on JIRA (Xray) and as well could be an extra mile to be able to bulk clone test plan and test executions as well.

Best regards


Hello @Eduardo Gonzalez,

Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, I have nothing new to share.

We are aware that bulk cloning Xray test cases would be a valuable enhancement for Deep Clone for Jira. Due to other priorities, we haven't had the time to implement it.

I am sorry I can't give you a more positive answer.

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@Marlene Kegel - codefortynine  maybe our organization cloud buy from you that feature development? I mean, we really really need Bulk clone app to be able to clone xray test steps... 

I am very sorry to hear that you are suffering from the fact that you cannot bulk clone Xray test cases.
We do not do feature development as commissioned work. But it would be great if you could contact our support and share more details about your use case:

  • Which parts of the test steps you need to be cloned
  • How regular you would clone test steps/at wich step of your process

@Raquel Querido @Eduardo Gonzalez @Lisa Ossanlow 

If this topic is still present for you, it would be great if you could also reach out to our support to share more details about your use case:

  • A short summary of the test values that need to be cloned.
  • A screenshot highlighting exactly which elements of a template issue need to be cloned.

Thank you in advance.

Good news, everyone! We released an update for Deep Clone for Jira that enables you to bulk clone Xray tests with manual test steps.

Please note that Deep Clone only clones "manual test steps" at the moment. If you require other Xray test data to be cloned, please reach out to us directly. Thank you!

We at codefortynine released an update for Deep Clone for Jira last week that enables you to bulk clone Xray tests along with manual test steps.

At the moment we only support cloning of manual test steps. If your use case requires more Xray data to be cloned, don't hesitate to contact us.

Update 2022-05-30: We released an update that enables you to clone "generic" and "cucumber" test details.

I was trying to do so and found a way around. I exported the test cases. You can filter issues based on any criteria you want, export as an excel (or Jason). Then in the new (Destination) project, find the Test Case Importer and import the file. You need to be a bit cautious about the fields, you must have TCID (which I added manually in the excel file), Summary, Action, Test Type (which I added again manually). Then all the tests will be imported in your new project to start over. I am not sure if it works for you, but for me it is good enough and small changes can be made on each test case if needed.

Same problem with bulk cloning and moving test sets to a new project

Hi @Raquel Querido @Marlene Kegel - codefortynine 

Thankyou for the informative thread. 

In Zephyr Squad, when we Clone a Test case, it creates a Clone test case with a SEPARATE JIRA ID. I tried Clone Folder under Cycle Summary section where Original Folder had 10 test cases. In the Cloned folder that got created I observed that all the 10 test cases were Cloned with same Steps, BUT with same test cases IDs (those assigned by JIRA), same Status (In Progress/Closed). Meaning now I have two separate test cases with SAME JIRA IDs under two different Test Folders. This will be confusing when I will export & send the Test Execution Report to my team. Is there any work-around for this?



Sucheta Patil

Hi @Raquel Querido , were you able to get an answer for your question regarding bulk cloning whole test plan(all details in it, all tests attached to it as well as all the test details within those tests) or bulk cloning the test tickets along with all its test details at the least? 

Hoping to hear back. Thank you.

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Ganesh Babu Community Leader Jan 08, 2021

Hello  @Raquel Querido 

Welcome to Atlassian Community....!!!

You can do bulk edit and move all issues together. Here are the general steps:

  • Search using a query that gives all the issues you want to move(in your case it would look something like project = MyProject AND type = Test)
  • Click on the tools on top right corner and select bulk edit
  • select all issues you want to edit and click next
  • Select Move Issues from listed options and click next
  • fill required information and Jira should start moving all selected issues

Since there is no undo option, I would recommend moving one or two issue first to see it is working as you expected before making any bulk changes.

Thank you Ganesh, but my question is about cloning (copy) several tests and not about edit and move.

That topics don't help in my case.

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Ok...!!! @Raquel Querido I know something is their for bulk clone in server/dc variant of xray add-on. But let me check for cloud 

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Hello @Ganesh Babu . Do you have any information about this? I'm looking for the solution to the question that Raquel made. I need to clone several test executions too.

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