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How do I sort tests in test plan?

I manually created tests and put them in test sets (ordered like they have to be run one after the other)
When I create a test plan and assign the test set the tests are completely dis-ordered.

When I create a test execution from the test plan I have to re-order the tests every time.
I can order in test set and in test execution but not in the test plan.

I do not want to create the test execution from the test set because I don't see the results in the test set - I need a test plan for this.
And I do not want to manually associate the test execution after execution to the test plan - just to see the results.

2 answers

Hi @SabinePils

Concerning this topic, you'll need to provide more information so I recommend you to reach out Xray support and the team will be glad to help you out.

Best Regards, 



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Hi @Sergio Freire - Xblend 

I'ld love to reach out, but I need to be a SEN member - and they don't explain what that means.
My problem is, that I create a new Test Plan and import a Test Set (with some Tests in there) or some Tests directly into it.
They do not show up in the same order I imported them, the order is completely random.
In a Test Set I can drag and drop Tests to order them - in the Test Plan I can not.
When I derive a Test Execution from the Test Plan I can order the Tests again, but I have to do it all over again with every new Test Execution.
I'ld prefer to order them once in the Test Plan.


I have exactly the same problem, I have a Testset with 30 Test-Cases and have sorted them with drag'n drop. If I now want to add the Testset to my Testplan, they will be added, but the sorting is no longer the same as in the Testset. However, under the Testplan I did not find a way to change the sorting. Is that a bug or doesn't this function even exist?
The sorting of the Testcases is still important from my point of view, because when executing the test it would make sense that the critical tests are carried out first and not only at the end so that feedback can be given more quickly.

Best regards

Hi @SabinePils  and @Roger Odermatt ,

let me try to do my best here to clarify some points:

  • A Test Plan contains Tests; it does not contain Test Sets
  • When you choose the option "Add Test Set" (which is a bit misleading I know), you're in fact adding the Tests of the Test Set(s) you choose. If you use this option, then Tests will be added by the order they have in that "Test Set" that you picked
  • the order of Tests in the Test Plan can be changed in two ways, briefly mentioned here: 
    • a) In order to do that, you have to go to the "Board" view of the Test Plan, which presents the Tests organized in folders. This is the default way of doing it (if folders/hierarchical organization is enabled on Xray global settings, in Jira admin). More on the Test Plan's Board here:
    • b) if folders/hierarchical test organization is disabled on Xray global settings, then you can change the ranking of the Tests directly from the Test Plan issue scree 


If you still have doubts or need further help, please let me know.



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Hi @Sergio Freire - Xblend ,

your second point is just the one that fails:
"If you use this option, then Tests will be added by the order they have in that "Test Set" that you picked"
NO it does not! In the Test Set the tests are ordered as I want them. In the Test Plan they are mixed up.
I only mentioned the option to add the tests by Test Set as a second way to get them into the Test Plan. Even if I add the tests one by one into the Test Plan they don't keep the order.

I have to admit, that I did not create new test plans for a while - perhaps this has already been corrected, but I will do some time in the next two weeks. I will let you know if the problem still persists.

Thanks for your attention!



Hi again @SabinePils ,

so I guess there is perhaps a bug there. I would recommend you to reach out Xray support team and explain that concrete case, so the team can have a look at it.

I tried to replicate it but without success  (it works on my end), so this needs to be clarified with the team.



Hello, so if you can add a sorted Testset to a Testplan and it will by sorted by the Testset, then that doesn't work for me and could possibly be a bug.
After adding the Testset to my Testplan, the sorting of the tests is randomize.

My current workaround is that I add the Testset to my Testplan, then switch to the Board-View in my Testplan, create a new folder there and then add my Tests to the new folder and then in the new folder, define the order there. The Tests are then correctly sorted in my Testplan.


Hi @Roger Odermatt ,

even though this needs to be handle by the support team, if you have some minutes so that you can quickly show it to me, it would be great.



@Sergio Freire - Xblendi have a screencast, if you have a email address then i can send you the screencast then you will see the problem, or you see that i make something wrong.



@Roger Odermatt , great.

Then I kindly ask you to please share it with Xray support team so they can have a look at it.



@Sergio Freire - Xblendi create the ticket SUPPORT-30169

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Perfect! the support team will be glad to help you out!

@Sergio Freire - Xblend I'd like to see your answer made on  Oct 30, 2020 as the main answer to the original question.  That explains completely what I'm seeing.

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Hi Sabine, 

You can order the test on the Test Plan Board.

Best Regards,

Team Xray

I tried to, but my Test Plan consists of manual tests so my "Board" folder stays empty. And in "All" I can't order them.
Did I try the right thing or didn't I understand your suggestion?

Best regards

I have the same question. The documentation for test plan board indicates that test plan folders can be reordered - but I'm trying to reorder the tests themselves within a test plan folder.

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