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How do I export custom fields for Test steps using Xporter plugin?


I 'm trying to build a template for people to use to print out test procedures and I need to use Test Step Custom fields for this template. I can't seem to export the custom fields under test steps using template instructions and Xporter plugin.   I am able to get the Jira defined fields to print out. 


 Actual Results:  ${wiki:TestRuns[n].TestSteps[r].ActualResult} 

1 answer

Hi @Teri Amador 

Please check our documentation ( if you additional details.

In the case of the Actual Results you to use this (with a space between the two words):

${wiki:TestRuns[n].TestSteps[r].Actual Result}

If you additional help, please contact the Xporter Support ( so that we can request additional information and help further.

Kind regards,
Rogério Paiva [Xporter Support Team]

copying straight out of the documentation doesn't seem to work, is there a necessary customization?

For example, I'm using the following block, copied straight out of the example sample code:

2.1 Test Runs
#Total of Test Runs
Test Runs Count: ${TestRunsCount}

#{for testruns}
Execution Status: ${TestRuns[n].Execution Status}
AssigneeID: ${AssigneeId}
Rank: ${TestRuns[n].Rank}
Executed By: ${TestRuns[n].Executed By}
Started On: ${TestRuns[n].Started On}
Finished On: ${TestRuns[n].Finished On}
Comment: ${wiki:TestRuns[n].Comment}
Execution Defects Count: ${TestRuns[n].ExecutionDefectsCount}
TestSteps Defects Count: ${TestRuns[n].TestStepsDefectsCount}
Evidences Count: ${TestRuns[n].ExecutionEvidencesCount}

#{for Tests}
@{title=${Tests[n].Key}|href=${BaseURL}/browse/${Tests[n].Key}} – ${Tests[n].Summary}

Test Description:


When I export using Test Plan using this template I get 0 for count, and no test runs. Also tried proper capitalization "TestRuns" with no results.

"for Tests" works, and I get all the tests in the test plan.

this works for me. 


#{for testruns}

Number of Steps: ${TestRuns[n].TestStepsCount}

   #{for r=TestRuns[n].TestStepsCount}  

   Step Number: ${TestRuns[n].TestSteps[r].StepNumber}          

   Operator Actions:  ${TestRuns[n].TestSteps[r].Step}

  Expected Results:  ${wiki:TestRuns[n].TestSteps[r].ExpectedResult}

Actual Results: ${wiki:TestRuns[n].TestSteps[r].Data}

Comment: ${wiki:TestRuns[n].TestSteps[r].Comment}



Hi Teri, do you have any code before this block?

for now I don't .  I don't need to export out anything else.  I'm still in the beginning stages of building the template. 

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