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How can I clear the Resolution field in Jira Automation?

Use case: Issue was set as Done but the it was recognized some work still needs to be done. I know I can set it with post function in my workflow. But then I would need to create transitions from Done to every other step and I would like to avoid that. I'd like to use automation here but I have problems. The only action which is somehow related seems to be "Edit Issue fields". But then I can only set the Resolution to some value. There's no option to clear previously set value. How to achieve that? 

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andreas Rising Star Jun 13, 2019

Hi Seba,

So we don't support clearing the resolution field with our 'Edit issue' action currently, mainly because Jira only supports clearing the resolution field through a workflow post-function:

The edit API simply doesn't let you clear the resolution field.

Atlassian have also published  more info on this:

So I'm afraid for now the only option would be to add a transition in your Jira workflow with a post-function to clear the resolution field.  Then you could trigger this transition with an Automation rule (or any other way). 

Hope that helps.


Yeap, I know these steps and what I really wanted to avoid is 
"Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each status for which the Resolution field will need to be cleared."

But your answer is clear, thank you very much.

Hi @Łukasz Wójcik @andreas  ,


Would you be able to guide me how you achieved to trigger the "Transition" . The on;y option that i can see is the actual Transition to a Status .


Many thanks.




Helo Raj!

I meant Transition to Status. So it seems that Atlassian only allows you to manipulate the Resolution when status is being changed. And you can only do that by workflow. Very inconvenient. 

Considering all the answers in this subject you can see that there is no option to set automation so it allows you to manipulate this field directly. 




Can be cleared either on status transition post function - clear field value.

Or, via automation (advanced edit issue fields:

wow!! great help! it worked!

This should be also a solution. I had a user accidently close a ticket and our re-open workflow didn't reset the resolution to null. We fixed the workflow but needed to fix the old tickets he closed. Using this advanced edit field fixed the tickets that went through the incorrect workflow.

Thanks Yaron!

This worked great. Thank you!

Hi Yaron,

I am getting the following error :

(Could not find valid 'id' or 'name' in resolution object. (resolution))


If still relevant, send screenshot of the automation rule

@Sayan Kaiser 

Please note - 

In the EDIT block you selected Resolution field to be updated but with no value.
unselect it and lease only the additional fields to run.

@Yaron Azar

I get the same error as @Sayan Kaiser 

I do not have the Resolution field selected.


1 vote

Hi @Łukasz Wójcik 


Indeed, in Automation for JIRA add-on there is no chance to clear field resolution.

Correct me if I'm wrong but do you want to clear resolution field and leave this issue in Done status? Are you sure that is correct procedure to reopen issues? Best practises (also Atlassian reccomend these) are that resolution field should be set during transition to last status and clear resolution when issue is transition from last status (in your case Done status).


In cases where I have to modify resolutions in bulk (e.g. wrong resolution, issue is not in Done status but resolution is set) I create a "loop tranistion" (e.g. from Done to Done like in your case) and set function to clear resolution. Then I transition this issues using loop.

I know, this is not an automatic solution but, as I mention, in my workflows when user reopen issue status is changed and resolution is cleared.




Hi Seba,

Correct me if I'm wrong but do you want to clear resolution field and leave this issue in Done status? 

No, in my case issue should go to some other state. Cases which I try to cover is mostly when somebody accidentally moved the item to Done. In our workflow it is possible to go to Done from any of the statuses.
Example case: I've moved the item from Testing to Done then I realized I moved wrong item or moved it too fast but there are still some cases to check or any other scenario which explains the work still need to be done. I am able to move the item back because my workflow allow me to do that. By the resolution is not cleared at this moment. As I said, I know hot to clear it just in Jira but the only solution I see is creating several transitions. I try to avoid that and use Automation here. But Automation seems to lack "Clear field value" option...

Like David Holman likes this

I'm in the same situation as Lukasz. I have multiple workflows which use "From All Status" transitions.  So in order to clear Resolution when an issue is moved out of the Done status, for example, I have to add a post function to every transition (except one), across all workflows. I can use automation to edit the Resolution, but not to clear it. It seems like a very unfortunate design decision by Atlassian to disallow this. Incidently, we use the JSU Automation Suite plugin to enable clearing the Resolution in a transition post-function.

This is really frustrating. In the old UI, I can see and change resolution status, but I can't clear it. In the new UI, I can see the resolution value, but not change it or clear. So when the resolution value is incorrectly set (because a story that was marked done was re-opened), the incorrect value just sits there taunting me. This is a very common occurrence and it's absurd that a value can be changed by automation but not manually. 

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@Jordan DugganCouldn't you just put the resolution field on the edit screen? I mean I wouldn't, but the suggesting of clearing the resolution on transition doesn't seem like a solution for you guys...

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