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Foxly - Backlog Prioritization for Jira support forum

Start a conversation with our team about improving Foxly. Raise bugs, ask for features and post questions. Every comment is welcome here


I'm wondering if you can restrict Foxly by a project?  Only our Product/Dev teams need access to this plugin, but I'm assuming we will get charged for all our Jira users?



Yes, that is correct. That's how Jira licensing works, there's no option to specify how many users will use the app, it will charge for all your users. We made it affordable, with only $0.40/user per month so hopefully, it wouldn't be too much of spending for your organization. Also the need for work backlog prioritization in Jira is is a common need for any department and team and possible that some of your other functions might find the tool useful. 


Hope this helps

I'm getting an error and the screen won't load


Error! GraphQL error: There was an error

We got the error in our logs looking at it and I will email you as soon as we have a fix for that in a few moments. 

Thanks so much

This is fixed now. Apologies, a small issue when clearing issue metric values.

Hi there, 

Is there a way to do the following: 

  • Auto update Jira priority based on score
  • Show the score on the Jira card in backlog and board view. Preferably with color coding 



We’re planning to introduce a custom field called “Priority Score“ that will get updated by our app with the issue score. You will then be able to use this field in automation logic and on cards. We’re planning to deliver this quick, in the next couple of weeks along with a bundle of other small improvements.


I will update you here as well once released.

Thank you

Like Noureldin Ali likes this

Great thanks you so much and eagerly looking forward to it.

Hi @Noureldin Ali ,

the Foxly Priority Score is now available as a custom field in Jira. This will allow you to show the value of this field on kanban but also use it in Automation for Jira.

Here is an article where you can see an example of how to automatically update Issue Priority based on Foxly Priority Score 👉


We also introduced an option to store metrics as a custom field that can help you with connecting Jira fields (eg. Story points) with Foxly metrics (eg. Effort). 👉 Read how to set this field up 

Like Noureldin Ali likes this

Also I'm unable to set value less than "1" for label metrics.

Not sure if you referring to negative numbers or decimals. Negative numbers should work but decimals are not available at the moment. Also, you can't set 0 value, this is by design to avoid issues in the formula calculations.

Hi @Noureldin Ali ,

we recently released an improvement to support decimal numbers in Foxly. You can now store any number up to 3 decimal points (Negative numbers and zero as well of course 😉)


Do you plan to add the ability to filter backlog tasks by epic value? This will help a lot. Now you have the ability to filter by issue type, metric, status, version, label, assignee and component but not by epic.

Hi Dmitry,


Thanks for the question. This is currently on our backlog to implement in one of the upcoming releases. We are discussing to potentially enable JQL filtering to give you additional flexibility. I will notify as soon as we launch the additional filter.

Hi @Dmitry Muskhabov ,

we just launched a new JQL filter in Foxly.


This will allow you to filter the Priority table in Foxly by anything you can possibly JQL in the current project. Foxly also remembers JQL you last used, so you don't need to type it every time to access the app :)

Here is a link to the documentation.

There are some additional improvements we need to do to make it more user friendly, but I hope it unblocks you for now.

Would love to be able to filter by Sprint :) 

Hi @Evan Anselmi ,

this is coming really soon!

We're working on Advanced filters in Foxly priority table that will enable JQL search. You would be able to filter by almost anything, including custom fields :)


Another thought I had. We have different Weighting’s for our metrics e.g “Benefits existing customer” might have a 2x multiple on the selected value because it’s more important than say, “Increases site traffic” which is only the standard selected value. 

Curious to know if you have scoped this ability to add a weighting? 


I'll try to answer with an example, let me know if I understood it correctly :)


In your prioritization template, you have 2 metrics: Benefits existing customer and Increases site traffic

Your scoring formula is calculated as follows: Benefits existing customer + Increases site traffic

To increase the weight of Benefits existing customer 2 times you can change your scoring formula to:

0.7*Benefits existing customer + 0.3*Increases site traffic

(In this case, we'll distribute the weights across your metrics and when we add them together they'll give 1)


So by adjusting formula should do the trick.

Let me know if that works for you or you have bit more complex formula and set of metrics.

That is correct :) 

Thought it might be nice to have value box that multiples the selected value, without the need to adjust the formula. Very much a "nice to have" though. 

Switching between metric types - labels, text, rating while retaining the same values is probably another nice to have. 

Also, to avoid re-entering metric formats, a duplicate button would be great.



Perfect 👌  you can try formula adjustment for now then.

I noted the suggestions you gave to make sure we include them in future sprints :)


A small bug that keep popping up regarding the order of the values. Would be great if they remained constant between the configuration view and drop down :) 


Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 8.48.26 AM.pngScreen Shot 2020-09-24 at 8.48.14 AM.png

And just curiously, is it possible to still calculate the priority scores when using labels? Even if only some of the labels are selected because they may not be relevant? I notice that unless I select all the label metrics the score will not calculate.

Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 10.23.41 AM.png

Hi @Evan Anselmi

to calculate the score you need to fill all metrics that are used to calculate this score.

If it's possible that some of your metrics aren't always applicable you can create a new label in these metric with the name "not applicable" and assign a value that would make sense (0 or 1 depending on how your formula looks).


The reason we didn't decide to do this skipping programmatically (for now) is that every customer might have different formulas and different needs and this way we satisfy majority camps :)


In your case, it might be good to have this "not applicable" label so you know that you already assessed the metric but it just wasn't valid instead of just having no value for your metric. It might look like an assignment of the value was forgotten.


Let me know if this approach would work for you.

Hi @Evan Anselmi 

we just launched the JQL filter as promised so you should be able to filter priority table by Sprint now.


This will also allow you to filter the Priority table by anything you can possibly JQL in the current project. Foxly also remembers JQL you last used, so you don't need to type it every time to access the app :)

Here is a link to the documentation.

There are some additional improvements we need to do to make it more user friendly, but I hope it unblocks you for now.

Hi @Nikki Zavadska _jexo_ 

Yes, I have applied a 0 value label as a solution.

Amazing, thank you. Will check it out now.


Like Nikki Zavadska _jexo_ likes this

Hi team,

Not sure why my formula score is not calculating? As shown, when I change Effort to 13. It holds its score, even after refreshing. All other ideas are divided by 1.


Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 6.45.58 PM.png

Formula as shown:

({{Strategy Alignment}}*1)+({{Market Size}}*1)+({{ Benefits Customer}}*1)+({{Reduce Churn}}*1)+({{Viral co-efficient }}*1)+({{Return on Investment}}*1)+({{Cost Saving}}*1)+({{Core Revenue}}*1)+({{Additional Revenue}}*1)+({{AP Traffic}}*1)+({{AP Engagement}}*1)+({{AP Conversions}}*1)+({{Design aesthetic }}*1)+({{Competitive advantage}}*1)+({{Clients Site Conversions}}*1)/{{Effort}}


Any tips?





Hi @Evan Anselmi

I had a look on the formula and it looks like you're adding all metrics together and you're dividing only the last one "Clients Site Conversions" with Effort.

Depending on what your other values are it might be possible that Effort doesn't have much weight in your formula score calculation because of that.

If you wanted to divide all the metrics with the effort you can try to change to this formula and see if anything changes:

(({{Strategy Alignment}}*1)+({{Market Size}}*1)+({{ Benefits Customer}}*1)+({{Reduce Churn}}*1)+({{Viral co-efficient }}*1)+({{Return on Investment}}*1)+({{Cost Saving}}*1)+({{Core Revenue}}*1)+({{Additional Revenue}}*1)+({{AP Traffic}}*1)+({{AP Engagement}}*1)+({{AP Conversions}}*1)+({{Design aesthetic }}*1)+({{Competitive advantage}}*1)+({{Clients Site Conversions}}*1))/{{Effort}}


If it still doesn't work out, could you please let me know what metric values you set for the issue and I'll validate if the formula is calculated right? Thank you :)



I am trying to use Jira Automation to automatically set the EFFORT (set up as a custom field) to that of a field we already have in Jira for capturing the effort. I can't quite get it to work, the closest I have when testing is this JSON 'script' as part of the edit issue option within Automation


{ “fields”: {“customfield_10360": [{“name”: “issue.customfield_10027"}]} }



10360 is the Foxly Effort field (label) and 10027 is the t-shirt size field already in use.


Any ideas on how to do this please?

Hi @Morris Coyle ,

I'm happy to see you're setting up automation with Foxly custom fields. There are 2 ways you can go about it.

1. If the Jira custom field doesn't have exact same values as Foxly fields.

Eg: In Effort Jira custom field you're setting values like Medium, Small, Large

And Foxly has these values: XS, S, M, L.

Then you need to define exactly how values should be mapped with branch rules.
I recorded an example setup:


2. Values in Jira custom field are completely the same as ones in Foxly

Eg: In Jira Effort field there are values like S, M, L. And in Foxly there are same values: S, M, L.

I recorded a video with this setup too:

JSON used to update field value is the following:

"fields": {
"Effort - ICE Label": {{issue.fields.customfield_10076.value.asJsonString}}

"Effort - ICE Label" is the name of the custom field created by Foxly.

"customfield_10076" is my Effort custom field I created in Jira. It's a dropdown custom field so to access the actual value I need to use "{{issue.fields.customfield_10076.value.asJsonString}}"


Let me know if this worked for you.

Thank you,


Like Morris Coyle likes this

That worked perfectly! Thank you Nikki, much appreciated.

Like Nikki Zavadska _jexo_ likes this

No problem @Morris Coyle, let me know if I can help with anything else or you have some feedback :)

Like Morris Coyle likes this


I want to view the sub-tasks/user-stories which are not assigned to any sprint. 

If I filter it with 'Backlog' it is not filtering the backlog tasks.

I could see the tasks only if I filter it with 'Open' status, but it shows the tasks (backlog +Open tasks) which have been assigned to the sprint. 


Kindly guide me how can I achieve this.




Hi @Muthu Kumar M ,

you can definetly do this in Foxly.

To do more advanced filtering, like the one you're mentioning, you can use JQL filters instead of basic ones in Foxly.


JQL used for filtering in your case will be following, just replace the names of issue types with the ones you're looking for:

issuetype in (sub-task, user-story) AND Sprint is EMPTY


Here is the documentation for advanced filtering in Foxly.


Let me know if this works for you!




Do you know if it's possibly using Automation rules to cascade the Foxly score down to all child issues of an Initiative?

Hi Morris,


That should be possible with Automation yes. Foxly's Issue Score value exists as a custom field in your Jira called "Priority Score". So whenever you set priority metrics that change the score, the "Priority Score" custom field will update too. This means you can use the "Field value changed" trigger in Automation rules to populate child issues when score updates.


Hope this makes sense




Is there any way to a priority score as a custom field in Jira advanced roadmaps? (Plans)


I got an error saying that my version of advanced roadmaps does not support this custom field type.


This functionality would be great. Is there any workaround for this? I contacted jexo support, but the person was not able to help.

Hi Mikhail,

I looked at the configuration of the Priority Score custom field and noticed that the field is labelled as "locked" and assigned a custom field type when it was generated by Foxly so no-one accidentally deletes this field.

The advance roadmap does not seem to like this setting and that's why it doesn't allow you to select the field.

I'll pass this to our development team to look if there is a way to change settings of this custom field so it's supported by Plans. I tracked down the support ticket you raised, we'll re-open it and keep you posted on progress.


Like Mikhail Paulse likes this

Awesome, Thank you!


is there a possibility to insert if else statements on foxly priority Score formula field?

Hey Seth!

Thanks for the question. ATM the formula field only supports basic calculations. I'd be interested in knowing how you'd like to use this, what kind of logic you want to introduce.

We're planning to eventually have a more complex option for scripting. However, there might be a way for you to use more complex calculations using Automation for Jira. The Score value is a custom field attached to issues and you can enable each metric as a custom field too. So theoretically you could listen to these metric custom field changes and run a script in Automation that alters the Score number. We listen for updates to that field and we will update in Foxly as well.

Hi Florin, thank you for the quick reply!

Well, the first thing that i've tried to accomplish, was to have, let's say, a "partial" score also if some metric of the formula are not valorised yet.

Another use for the if else statement in the formula filed could be the possibility to change the formula based on the values that some metric has.

Anyway, for the score partial value, I have added a "not analyzed yet" label to the metric with the value=1, and also have created an automation to set this value on every newly created ticket.

Thank you again.


P.S. There is now this message on the Foxly Priorities page of my project:

Error! GraphQL error: {"statusCode":429,"statusMessage":"Too Many Requests",

Can you tell me who to contact for a resolution?





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