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Copy field value from linked issue or an issue mentioned in issue field


Using Automation for Jira, I want to be able to do 1 one the 2:

  1. Copy End Date value from linked issue
  2. Copy End Date from issue key value in "Project Name" issue select field, means that on create, I add a value (Issue key) in the field "Project Name" and I need to pull the value of "End Date" from the issue mentioned in "Project Name"


Please advise



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Hi Itamar,

Thanks for your question. We have a few improvements in our backlog that will enable you to do this easily, and

In the meantime, if there is only one issue linked to it, then your first point is possible with the following smart value:

{{issue.issuelinks.first.inwardIssue.field name}}

That will get the the first linked issue and then you can get the field off it. You could also access the last linked issue with last instead of first. You can use this smart value in the edit issue action.

Simeon [Automation for Jira]

What happens if there are multiple linked issues, is there a way to update those? Another thing, can you use the " in the smart values, for example my custom field name is RMS Modules Affected, and is a checkbox, so when pulling from jql it shows up as "RMS Modules Affected[Checkboxes]", so would the below work?

{{issue.issuelinks.first.outwardIssue."RMS Modules Affected[Checkboxes]"}}

The following assumes that you have a parent  issue and when you close that one you want to close all linked issues one by one manually, and automatically copy the value of the field End Date from that parent issue:

  • Trigger:  status transition. from xxx to yyy
  • Action:  edit issue. select the field you want to edit and after that select "copy from parent issue".

To copy the value from a given custom field I'm not sure automation does that. Maybe i can but it escapes to me. What I would do is install the free plugin SIL ENGINE and create a simple SIL script, then I would assign the script to the appropiate transition. I believe this second option allows for more flexibility since you can read and write virtually every piece of information contained within the issue.

Hope it helps :)


Thanks for your suggestion, but to the best of my understanding, parent issue is not a linked issue, and is not available for "copy from" action

I know. I described an scenario where the automation options were enough. As I mentioned, for more flexibility I would resort to a custom SIL script. Then you can pick whatever data from whatever issue because it is code you write to acomodate your specific needs.

Give it a try. I've used SIL scripts and custom SIL fields in the past for a number of different things and it has proven to me quite powerful. It has a bit of a learning curve if you have never written code before but it isn't challenging at all. Just follow the documentation and you're good to go. 

As an example, you could write a script that not only copy the End Date value to linked issues but automatically transitions them to a closed status aswell whenever one of the linked issues is closed. You could limit that to only linked issues with one particular link type. You could combine information from several custom fields in a number of issues into a new custom field in the target issue, with neat formatting if needed. The options are limitless.

Thanks for you detailed reply.

I do need to set a simple to use system, and "Automation for Jira" if can cope with this need, will be a better solution for me and my customer.

In that case all that I can think of is setting a trigger based on a JQL search, and then copy the value from the field in the issue that triggers the rule. But it may be very tricky.

You should be able to write a JQL that matches any issue linked to the main issue you mentioned, given that this main issue meets certain criteria (for example, status: closed AND has open linked issues). 

Depending on the apps you have installed in your jira instance you'll have access to a number of extra JQL search functions not availiable in the vanilla version and this would potentially allow you to get your desired outcome but, to me, the SIL route seems way more simple.

If this doesn't work for you either I'm afraid I'm out of ideas. Best of luck.

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