Can we write any script to migrate from integrity to jira using script runner? Or any other way?

khushboo_puri November 1, 2021

Can we write any script to migrate from integrity to jira using script runner?or any other way?

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Brad Peterson November 5, 2021

Hi Khusbhoo,

Thanks for the question. There are a few options to undertake migration from PTC Integrity (now called PTC Windchill RV&S) to Jira. Any migration plan must include three key components: Data transformation and transfer strategy, Target Data validation strategy, and Data error recovery strategy. The best option depends on your use case and requirements.

1. If you are looking to migrate a small number of projects and a small number of work items and only need to migrate just the basic data (like basic fields, simple description), then the most cost-effective option is to cut and paste manually. This has a certain level of risk of errors and mistakes.
2. Another alternative is CSV download/upload for each work item type for each project where only basic data (like basic fields, simple description) needs to be migrated. This option will not preserve comments, attachments, and relationships. This typical has lower error rates than the first option.
3. If a large-scale or high-fidelity migration that also preserves comments, attachments, relationships (besides core data) is needed, then the best option is OpsHub Migration Manager (OMM). OpsHub's migration solution helps automate migration (scaling it to a large number of projects and work items) while preserving formatting, relationships, attachments, and comments. The teams can keep using the source system while the migration is being performed, minimizing the risk, cost, and disruption caused by migration. More information is available at OpsHub Migration Manager. You can also schedule a free migration consultation with OpsHub's Solution Architect at Contact Us
4. Building migration tools/scripts yourself (using script runner or other standalone scripting languages) is always an option. Building custom migration scripts that can do high fidelity migration at scale is a significantly difficult undertaking (as you have to deal with scalability issues, migration errors, data errors, etc.). This option while designing the migration system/scripts do take into consideration scalability, error management, system failures, repeatability, data transformation, and failure recovery.

Another resource available for planning migration is The Essential Guide to Application Data Migration. You can also write to our Sales team at

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