Meetings with Confluence (and Jira)

Hi all,

I thought I could join this learning group. I'm not new to Confluence and Jira, but recently using more and more the Cloud versions. 

I'm behind a new Confluence App as well which in my opinion can greatly improve and simplify how you handle meetings with Confluence. Also the first-contact experience for new Users can be improved. 

The App is called "Meetical for Confluence". It allows you to create Meeting Notes based on your Calendar Events. Would be nice if you check it out and give me some feedback, especially interesting from your perspective, when just starting out with Confluence.

The cool thing about the App is that it makes it much easier to create meeting minutes and meeting preparation pages for your Meetings, since most of the times you have all the basic information on the calendar already. - The idea for the App comes from my own experience as Product Owner. It's a best practice to have a Confluence Page for every meeting ready. However its a repetitive and time consuming task to keep Calendar and Confluence aligned. So this App is kind of an automation of the best practice. :)

Hope this helps. And I hope I can learn how you use Confluence for Meetings (and other things).

Thank You



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Hi @Lukas Gotter, please check out Atlassian Community online guidelines for Marketplace vendors and Solution Partners

At a minimum you need to add your company name to your display name.

Don't be surprised if this post is moved to the Marketplace Apps & Integrations where it belongs. It's Friday afternoon where I am so I am feeling generous/lazy so won't move it myself.

Hi Kat! Thank you so much, did not know about these guidelines and just starting out (as vendor) on the community. Great section you linked, I will write a dedicated Article about Meetical! :)

Also, do you know why I don't have a badge/label which identifies me as vendor/partner?

P.S.: Feel free to delete this post entirely if you think it's not helping here. 

Click on the first link. There are instructions in italics about how to get the Marketplace Vendor lozenge and article posting permissions.


Welcome to the Atlassian Community.

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