LFH: Jira Administration Part 1

Created Dec 2, 2020, Last active May 26, 2021

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  • 🚨 This group will soon be archived Featured

    Thank you for being a member of LFH: Jira Administration, Part 1! This group will be archived on or before December 2, 2020, and the content will be hidden. Please take a moment to save any content i...

    Ben Thoma started a discussion 0 1 11-20-2020
  • Awesome Course Give it a try!!

    I have completed this course a few months back. I had an awesome time while learning! So who so ever are planning to learn this course, I will suggest them to definitely go for this course. This is a...

    Soumyadeep Mandal started a discussion 0 0 10-27-2020
  • Intro to LFH

    Jira SD starting to get more heavily used in the org, looking forward to learning more tricks. 

    Joshua Mathews started a discussion 3 1 10-23-2020
  • Hej All

    Hej All,   I am from Sweden and looking forward to learning together.    

    Vineeth Elattuvalappil started a discussion 1 4 09-21-2020
  • Buenos días Madrid

    Estoy realizando el Jira Administration Part 1 y, en un futuro, certificarme. ¿Hay alguien de España en mi misma situación? Podemos comentar y realizar un grupo de estudio. Saludos! Jordi.

    Jordi Romera Aguila started a discussion 1 2 07-05-2020
  • Share the LFH love before enrollment closes

    We hope you've enjoyed the free training offered in this Learn From Home Training Package. Our enrollment period is almost at an end, so now is the best time to share your experience with coworkers...

    Ben Thoma started a discussion 1 0 06-29-2020
  • Greetings!!

    Hello everyone, I have been using and administering Atlassian Bitbucket, Crowd, Confluence, Jira and JSD for a couple years now. I'm happy to learn all I can about Atlassian and I thank you all for t...

    Naveen T started a discussion 3 2 06-22-2020
  • Greetings and Salutations

    Hello, I have been using Atlassian Bitbucket and Trello for a couple years. I'm happy to learn all I can about Jira. Thanks for this opportunity!

    SilviaQuintela started a discussion 1 0 06-08-2020
  • Why I took on this course

    Hi, For the last couple of years I've been setting up and administrating Atlassian's server products Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket for various clients. As focus is shifting towards the cloud I dec...

    Marc Botermans started a discussion 1 2 06-04-2020
  • Program Extended

    We’ve extended our offer for free On Demand, Cloud Training courses through the end of June! With more time in this program, we encourage you to share this opportunity with your coworkers and peers....

    Ben Thoma started a discussion 5 10 05-27-2020
  • Hi

    I am looking forward to taking the Jira Admin Part 1.  I originally planned to the course at the 2020 Atlassian Summit in Las Vegas.  I am glad I have the opportunity to take the course now...

    Paula Hidalgo started a discussion 0 2 05-22-2020
  • Iniciar como Consultor Jira

    Debo dar una recomendación para un cliente sobre Jira en la nube, por tanto para 100 usuarios en inicio, las preguntas son: Que productos incluye Jira Cloud Cuál plan tomar Pago inicial y pago anu...

    Francisco Totesaut started a discussion 0 1 05-20-2020
  • Hello

    Hi, just discovered the training materials for Jira. Looks awesome. Are these trainings for newbies or also for people who already have (some) experience? Blanka

    Blanka Meinhardt started a discussion 1 3 05-18-2020
  • Successfully completed the LFH: Jira Administration Part 1

    It was a great experience while learning the course. The course was really nice and easy to understand and completed all the modules. Atlassian University is just awesome. It was the best place to l...

    Soumyadeep Mandal started a discussion 6 2 05-16-2020
  • Let me Introduce myself in the LFH: Jira Administration Part 1 group!!

    Hello  everyone,  I hope everyone is doing well!! I'm Soumyadeep Mandal   or you can call me SaM! I'm an  Atlassian user for the last couple of years and I'm from Kolkata, ...

    Soumyadeep Mandal started a discussion 3 2 05-15-2020
  • Viewed modules not registering (?)

    Hi everyone, I’m new here. I was slated to get the JiraAdmin Certification at the 2020 Summit the first week of April, but lo and behold, this thing called Covid .... So, I’m here, prepping at home ...

    Michelle Hurtley started a discussion 0 4 05-13-2020
  • Background viewing

    As well as following this course I would recommend a visit to and watching the newly released webinars starting with Jo...

    Phill Fox started a discussion 1 0 05-08-2020
  • 🦉 What have you learned so far?

    I'm curious… What's the most interesting, surprising, or useful thing that you've learned from this course so far?

    Ben Thoma started a discussion 1 2 05-06-2020
  • Hello

    Hi all just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Alain, I am working for a translation company and running the Jira (Cloud) for the testing department, where we ensure that the software looks good...

    Alain Wyss started a discussion 2 5 05-05-2020
  • Go through the course even if you have Jira Administration Experience

    Hi All,   Just completed Part 1. Great material. There's overlap to what I know but it was good to learn to confirm my knowledge or learn best practices. I have been a Jira administrator for 7...

    Benjamin started a discussion 3 0 05-02-2020
  • 🙌 How to get hands-on with this course material

    In this Learn From Home course, you'll be able to watch recorded lab demonstrations. We also encourage you to try these concepts on your own, but… ⚠️ Be careful! Changing the settings in an exist...

    Ben Thoma started a discussion 11 1 05-01-2020
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This Study Group is intended for those enrolled in the Learn From Home: Jira Administration Part 1 course from Atlassian University. Use this group to engage with others by asking questions, sharing stories, and going deeper into the topics covered in this course.

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