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I was a regular at the KCAUG meetings until we moved to a Microsoft TFS and our sprint demos were changed to 12:30 on Tuesdays.  I miss the meetings!

There are rumors now that we may move back to Jira (I sure hope so).  We were using QAComplete to store and run our test cases before moving to TFS.  I have been asked to do some research on available plug-ins or products for test case management.  We also need a good UI for running tests and to also tie them back into stories.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be a good solution?  I have looked at Zephyr but I don't think it would give us everything we need - we would lose functionality for what we have now or prior.  Have you had good luck with it? Has anyone used Test Management for Jira?

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Hi Kim,

I am not supposed to be in this group, but I saw you post and want to help. So I joined. Hope I don't disturb you guys. 

To do test management(test case, test plan, test assignment, result update, report ...) and requirement traceability (req<->test case<->result<->defect), you can make a try on synapseRT, you may just take several mins to check the introduction video and some feature screenshots in marketplace page. It won't take you much time, but give you more choice. Compare different tools carefully and then select the best one you think:). 

Have a wonderful day and have fun with Atlassian family! 



Hi Kim,

For Test Management, I really like QMetry for Jira among the all test management apps which has end to end traceability, Import/Export capabilities, Integration with Automation & CI/CD tool and very user-friendly in terms of overall test management purpose. 



Hello Kansas City Community!


Just wanted to give you another solution for test management apart from the big ones. You can try out TestFLO, which supports end to end traceability between tests, requirements and defect, but also is quite flexible, you can even establish different testing processes for different Jira projects. Maybe it would be something that you are looking for. Anyway it's good to know that there are more tools on the market than just Zephyr, TM4J or Xray. If you have any questions, you can drop me a line.

Best regards guys!


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