Jira 8.0 and Batched Email Notifications

Good afternoon!  Has anyone made the leap to 8.0 yet and tried out the new batched email notifications?  At Summit it was a hot topic and much anticipated, however we tried it our last night and it failed miserably.  Not only did we not get any batched updates, we didn't even get the initial one upon assigning.  Just curious if anyone had other experiences with it.  Thanks!

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works here. Did you switch it on? By default the old handling is active. Be aware that you still get a mail per issue. Batching only wraps up the changes to that issue in a certain time frame.

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Thanks JP.  Yes, we switched it on.  There wasn't anything else to do other than just the green on/off switch right?  We did a test of creating a story and assigning it to someone, they got the notification.  We did another test of creating a story and assigning it to the same person and they never got the notification, so we didn't even make it far enough to test the true "batching" functionality.  We knew that we wouldn't leave it on if it didn't even send the initial email.  Thank you.


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