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Looking for a job, or looking to hire? Heading to Vegas for Summit next week?

Hi all,

Next week is the big week - time for Atlassian Summit! The results of the poll on the events app have 50% of responders stating they’re most excited about “Networking aith Atlassian and other attendees” (32% for keynotes and sessions, 16% exploring the expo floor, 1% other - and by my maths there’s another 1% that must be lost for rounding).

With so much interest in networking and thousands of attendees (2017 US Summit had 3500 and I believe the move to Vegas was in part to help support more), there’s a good chance that we will have a combination of people wanting to hire, and users who may be looking for that next opportunity. While the later may be something you’d want to keep under wraps, it makes sense for community members from both sides to try and connect.

If there are users who would like to try and connect, I’m thinking that users being around the Community Lounge during the morning breaks (Wednesday 10:30-11:00 and Thursday 10:00-10:30)to try and connect with each other. I’ll do my best to be around for as much of these times as possible and assist with introductions, but try and connect with each other if not anyway!




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