maxResults parameter in Jira API (Jira on-premise)

Сергей April 29, 2024

I'm encountering an issue with a request utilizing the maxResults parameter. Whenever I set the maxResults parameter higher than the configured value, I receive an internal server error. However, I'm unsure where these limits are configured in my settings.

I have some questions regarding this issue:

1. Is it possible to manually set limits for the maxResults parameter?
2. Where can I locate these settings?
3. Is there any setting which can control internal server error in case If I set the maxResults higher than the configured value?

Thanks for the help.

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Сергей April 29, 2024

I recently saw information about the file. However, I noticed that the parameter has a value of 1000. So I'm a little bit confused. Are there any other keys that could potentially conflict with this one?

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