how can I send email to actual reporter of issue, that issue created from issue collector?

Meet Darji May 17, 2024

I want to ask further,
I stetted up issue collector in JIRA service management cloud.

I'm aware that we only get default reporter  which is created issue from issue collector.

In may case i have embedded issue collector at my website. anonymous person use that issue collector to report a bug. we will get name (anonymous) & email from issue collector who are not in my customer list but now i have email of actual reporter who actually raise this ticket. now I want to send email of every comment to actual issue raiser.

how can I achieve this ?

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Kai Becker
Community Leader
Community Leader
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May 19, 2024

Hi @Meet Darji 

thank you for your question. Just one thing at the beginning: why don’t you JSM directly on your website?

The issue collector is a pretty old way of getting user feedback. It was introduced long ago since there was no JSM or something else.

If you still want to use it, you could create an Automation rule to add a customer to the project, after an issue via collector has been created. A corresponding action exists. 
hope this helps

Meet Darji May 21, 2024

Hi @Kai Becker , thank you so much for your efforts.

I understand your Point of view regarding the issue collector, but as you know, Admins are bound by the Client's requirements.

But you suggest the right pathway to resolve this problem by creating Automation.

I created one send email automation to send emails to an actual customer who reports that issue from the issue collector.

Here I'm attaching the SS of the automation rule for reference of other community members.

NOTE: I created one custom field Email (customfieldid _10047 ----your might be different).

In the action of the rule, I set the smart value of that Email custom field. and it's working as I desire.

Comment mail automation.png



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