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Daniel April 23, 2024

I realized that Jira's gadgets work with pre-defined variables,
but I can create a gadget where I enter a project identification (EpicLink),
and it tells me how many cases were opened and how many were resolved for
certain conditions defined in the "issueTypes"?.

For an Epiclink I want to know how many new features are open and closed,
how many are bugs and improvements open and closed, etc.

A statistical dashboard that is generated when typing an epiclink.

Do you have a gadget for this or perhaps another feature shows this?



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Dave Rosenlund
Community Leader
Community Leader
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April 23, 2024

Welcome to the community, @Daniel  👋

I can't specifically answer your question (honestly, I'm not sure I fully understand it), but I do have some tips that may help you get the answer you seek.

  • When you say "case," that makes me wonder if you are using Jira Service Management (JSM) vs. Jira Software (JSW). Can you clarify?
  • There are a number of similar questions on the community with accepted answers that may contain the info. you seek.
  • I suspect, you're not going to find a easy way to do what you describe (based on skimming those other threads I mentioned) and you may want to have a look at the Atlassian Marketplace solutions for advanced reporting.
  • When you say, "Do you have a gadget for this...", please keep in mind the Atlassian Community is a peer network. While there are some people who work for Atlassian who appear here from time to time, you are not specifically talking to Atlassian when you post here. You're talking to other Jira, etc., users like you. To talk directly to Atlassian, you'd need to open a support ticket with Atlassian.

I hope this helps.  And, if you can be a bit more verbose about what your trying to do (maybe include some screenshots) some here on the community may be able to help. 

Best of luck to you,


Daniel April 24, 2024

Thanks for the interaction! I use Jira Software and in the search I get the count of all cases of an EpicLink in a given condition being open and closed. This way I even take the percentage of progress of resolved cases. See an example. In the JQL below I filter all cases of an EpicLink that are in the development stage (open as new features).<<EPICLINK>>

If I add the following JQL after the EpicLink registration number, I get the cases resolved in the same condition. Look:


This activity is very manual and I hope that gadgets or the basic Jira Software module can show me a better view. Something simple. When typing an EpicLink, it shows me indicators where I can place a JQL, and Jira would complement it with EpicLink in several JQLs to bring the desired information consolidated.

I will continue researching the alternatives you mentioned.

I hope I was clearer, and thanks again.

I'm Brazilian, and we're very gregarious, so I already wanted to invite you to a barbecue or make pizzas. I am joking. grateful; :)

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Danut M _StonikByte_
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April 24, 2024

Hi @Daniel,

Not sure if I fully understood your request, but this looks like something that could be easily done by using the Pivot Table & Pivot Chart gadget offered by our Great Gadgets app. 

Here is an example of a table that shows the issues by Epic Link, Issue type and Status created with a few clicks and drag & drop!


And it is just an example, you can configure the gadget in any way you want. Also, instead of issue count, you can choose to display percentages, sum of Story Points, etc...  

You could start with one month of free trial. If you need any help, feel free to contact us at

Hope this helps.


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