Wild card search for Labels field data

Krishnan April 12, 2024


I wanted to do a wild card search  from Label jira field to capture all the  bugs that are labeled with the starting text as "Prod".


I tried the following 

issueFunction in issueFieldMatch("issuetype = Bug ", "labels", "Prod.*")

I am not getting any syntax error , however not reflecting the tickets  even if we have many bugs with this labels as Prod1Test, Prod2test etc.

Could you please throw some light on what is going wrong with my JQL and regular expression ?

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Hannes Obweger - JXL for Jira
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April 15, 2024

Hi @Krishnan

I can't really comment on what's going on in your JQL statement, but since the issueFunction syntax is, AFAIK, coming from the Scriptrunner app, you may want to refer to the app documentation or reach out to the app vendor for support.

This being said, if you're open to other solutions from the Atlassian Marketplace, your use case would be easy to solve using the app that my team and I are working on, JXL for Jira.

JXL is a full-fledged spreadsheet/table view for your issues that allows viewing, inline-editing, sorting, and filtering by all your issue fields, much like you’d do in e.g. Excel or Google Sheets. As you can apply text or regular-expression-based filtering to all your column, you can narrow down to the issue you're looking for in just a couple of clicks, like so:


As you can see, this view is fully interactive, meaning that you can work on your issues directly in JXL (but also trigger various operations in Jira, or export your data to CSV or Excel in just a click). I should also add that JXL can do much more than the above: From support for configurable issue hierarchies, to issue grouping by any issue field(s), sum-ups, or conditional formatting.

Any questions just let me know,




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Joe Pitt
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April 12, 2024

It may be the period after Prod

Krishnan April 12, 2024

I tried without that as well

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