Why Support.Atlassian.com has been updated to use JIRA Service Desk?

Mirek Community Champion May 11, 2014


Recently I noticed that support instance (support.atlassian.com) have been automatically upgraded to use JIRA Service Desk. There is also a message on the top

Support.Atlassian.comhas been updated to use JIRA Service Desk. We are excited to improve our support experience, but also want to learn from our customers. Please leave any feedback you have in your support tickets

Rather than provide feedback on the ticket I would like to know your opinion of this change.

I understand the reason of moving to Service Desk but personally think that I lost a lot of features. There is no (easy) way to use old UI. I am a experienced user and JIRA ticket is having more important information for me than just comments.

I lost ability to have my personal dashboard. I cannot edit the ticket and use great inline editing option to correct information. I cannot view the history of changes to the ticket, add a watcher, change the priority (even know it), view Hercules results, search for issues and much more...

It looks like currently I can only add a comment (without even a option to preview) and attachment. I can also use a link to transition the issue...

In the right column there is a link to original ticket "Reference: JSP-XXXXX' with a link: https://support.atlassian.com/browse/JSP-XXXXX, but using this is automatically redirecting to the Service Desk view back again.

Is this how it should be?

Having all the JIRA features is pretty important. Especially when we are having high priority issues that requires a lot of (and quick) communication.

For me it would be ok if you can choose (in your profile) do you want to use Service Desk view of JIRA default (of course it could be with default set to Service Desk). But at least every user will have a choice if they will not like the new Service Desk ticket UI..

What do you think about this change?

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Hi Mirek,

I also want to have the "old" functions back...

For me, the support-forum ist for Jira/Confluence/Stahs/Crowd/... - Admins that faced issues in their installation.

Or a user faced a problem and went to his own administrator wich will raise a support-request at atlassian...

So (for me) atlassian here is the 3rd-lvl support and we as 2nd-lvl know how to edit or create a ticket...

the ability to edit a ticket or even add a collegue for cc is impossible anymore...

Atlassian really made a great tool with servicedesk but at his own public support-jira they should disable that...

Kind regards
Jira/Confluence Admin (5 instances with different projects/users)

I agree with others about this. JSD right now only supports simple interactions with end users. Of course the intention of JSD is not to expose parts of the standard Jira interface, but I don't think Atlassian has reached an optimal solution about which parts should be exposed and which not, nor have they thought about different kinds of users. I have the feeling they now want us to act as guinea pigs and tell them where the shoe pinches...


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Mirek Community Champion May 11, 2014

I see that the message have changed to:

Support.Atlassian.comhas been updated to use JIRA Service Desk. If you have questions about how to use Service Desk, check out our Service Desk FAQ.

Currently there are only 5 questions. What we know after reading the FAQ? Two general things:

  • You can add a comment...
  • Add a comment if you would like to do something...

Really? Hmm... Do you imagine how this will look like?

This is a support of top priority systems used in a lot of companies, not a mouse or keyboard problem that we can wait for. Every change that is not directly made by a person that created the ticket (or have access to it) is taking time and could cost a lot of money if for example the system is down. Quick update, ablility to collaborate with other teammembers around the world working on the same ticket, view attachments, history, search for issues are a very important things.

One of the 5 values that Atlassian follows "Don't #@!% the Customer" says:

When we make internal decisions we ask ourselves "how will this affect our customers?" If the answer is that it would 'screw' them, or make life more difficult, then we need to find a better way. We want the customer to respect us in the morning.


For sure this change is making our life more difficult. It would be better if Atlassian could ask for feedback BEFORE the change.

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Mirek Community Champion May 18, 2014

What I am personally missing after just few interactions with new support.atlassian.comUI?

  • Editing! (especially Inline Editing)
    • Changing Priority!
    • Summary, Description and Comments
  • Search! (JQL is not an option to find old information anymore. That is the power of JIRA!)
  • Filters and Subscriptions! (Used for example to remind about Waiting for Reporter issues, Group tickets, ...)
  • "Smart JIRA features"! (all JS features build in JIRA)
    • Shortcuts
    • Recent issues
    • Collapsing/Extending comments
    • Interactive dates
    • and more...
  • Wiki style and preview comments (Very easy to make a mistake and later cannot editit!)
  • Manage attachments (How to know when there was already a file attached? Scroll comments?)
    • View all attachments in one place
  • Attach screenshots directly (5 additional minutes to save a file and add to the ticket)
  • View Hercules suggestions
  • Add people (watchers) to the ticket to give them access and view who is already added...

I can probably add more, but above are the on that are the most important. Now we can only do few things and the worst thing is that if we want to change something we need to add a comment.. This is like going back to the 20th century..

Maybe someone is reporting only one ticket per year or something like that and do not care about the change, but we have full stack used by people all over the world (24h) and those systems need to run without any issues/errors. Interacting with support is very important. Current UI is not an good option for us...

Mirek took the words out of my mouth. Until JSD provides the features he lists (and one has to ask why would it, since it would just be the same as native Jira then), for many people it does not provide an adequate way to manage their support cases at Atlassian.

Please give Atlassian customers the option to opt out or switch back and forth. Rereading Atlassian's values might be a good option at this point, as a previous comment said.

Is anyone at Atlasssian following this Q and can he provide an A?

Does anyone know how to petition Atlassian?


Thanks for your feedback. We are constantly looking for ways to improve Atlassian Support.

To answer your question, we believe that Service Desk can provide a better support platform for all of our customers, including those who are not familiar with JIRA or the way in which we have configured it.

We understand that customers familiar with JIRA and our previous processes are affected by this change. With that in mind, we have put together a concise FAQ to help existing customers accomplish what they need to in Service Desk.

In addition, we are keeping track of the specific pain points our customers have brought up with Service Desk and are feeding them back to our development team.

Sorry, Tony, but it's not a few "pain points" that can be easily addressed in one or two minor releases. JSD, as it exists today and will probably exist for some time, is simply inadequate to handle our needs. Even a simple entry-level feature like Excel export is missing now!

I'm not saying JSD isn't suitable for some users of Atlassian support. I'm just saying it is now inadequate for us. Please give me the option to go back to native Jira!

I promise to check in from time to time and let you know when I don't need native Jira anymore. Surely this is fair - and it will demonstrate how much Atlassian values its customers - despite some evidence to the contrary in this particular case;).


Mirek Community Champion May 28, 2014

I agree with David..

Tony, You are pointing the FAQ page that I was already explaining in my older comment.

Currently there are only 5 questions. What we know after reading the FAQ? Two general things:

  • You can add a comment...
  • Add a comment if you would like to do something...

I want to know if commenting an high priority issue is the best way to quickly edit or change information? BTW. We do not see even a preview button!

Another thing.. notifications..

We are a global team and working 24h a day.. we use shared account to easily access and update issues related to Atlassian systems. If someone did an update all team did now about it (since Notify Own Changes was ON) .. Now we do not recieve updates until support replies to our comment.. (mostly after few hours)

The same about attachements.. Are not available until someone from the Support add this to the ticket..

Once we hade situation that one person attached a log files and other did not know about this, so they attached logs again...

As for developing after change...

I remember the big change of Atlassian Answers UI.. This was also done without any noticed and then after very bad feedback a lot of features where added back .. after many months we are still missing few of them..

The same thing is now with this ServiceDesk change..

Is this really a way to "provide a better support platform for all of our customers"?

Do the change (do not care about customer process or feelings) > Wait for feeedback > (if it is good .. leave it as it is.. if not .. fix it)?

I would rather see like this.. Ask customer how they use the portal, what they need.. > develop and test on a test instance.. > do internal test > invite customers to (beta) test.. > gather feedback > fix > go live on PRD.

Everybody wins..

Hey, Mirek, Atlassian should hire you to help them plan the deployment of new features! ;)


Mirek Community Champion Jun 09, 2014

This is how it suppose to be:


* Announcement Banner BEFORE the change

* Special tag for migration

* A good discussion with Atlassian BEFORE the change

* Feedback BEFORE the change and new feature requests based on it

* Beta instance that will be open for users.. (not yet, but I hope it will be)

Why the same procedure was not used for support.atlassian.com? ...

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Mirek Community Champion Sep 23, 2014

Service Desk is still missing a lot of features that are not helping us when interacting with support. Is there any roadmap that will show what will be implemented soon? Missing preview button and no ability to edit comment is really annoying.. Not saying about other features that were mentioned already. 

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