What you think about JIRA 7 (Software, Core and Service Desk) in general?

Mirek Community Champion Oct 07, 2015

Yesterday was official release.. Just wondering what you think about all of those changes to JIRA? Do you think that JIRA Software, JIRA Core and JIRA Service Desk is a good idea from the user perspective or just another way to slowly increase the price of all products? Is this really a change that will make our life easier or bring more confusion and questions to our heads. Who will really benefit after this release?

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Mirek Community Champion Oct 14, 2015

I get the overall idea behind this change however in my opinion technically there is not too much new things.. Release Notes for now are showing nothing special ..




and currently there is a lot of confusion on topics like licensing, prices, plugins usage, user management, documentation

Someone could say.. ”right, but this is a big change and everyone need to get used to it.” .. maybe that is correct however I am saying.. “I care about the normal users... not about people that are buying this software and having trouble to understand what is JIRA Agile and what is JIRA and why we cannot install only JIRA Agile..

From the user perspective it doesn't matter for example if Service Desk or Agile was installed through the UPM or now using Applications section .. you still (if you are an admin) need to click download and apply license so the process for JIRA administrators is the same. Overall I think it is more work for administrators… Those guys since a long time must struggle with all changes. In every release there is something that is changing for them.. mostly it is a change in the UI.. now even new licensing system is added to that…

Even if there is a new feature that sounds like a good thing could start problems .. For example .. When you create a new project every time a new project specific schemes are created even that 2 min ago you created a similar project. Why not sharing this configuration by default in one scheme until there will be a change on it? Because of that those pre-build templates are completely not useful.

Overall I know a lot of business users that love flexibility of Agile boards mostly Kanban boards however also some business users are working in SCRUM. In the new model they need to be added to JIRA Software in order to still use boards even that they do not build software. Who defined that SCRUM is only for software teams!? There is also a problem when someone from the business (JIRA Core) will be assigned to a ticket in the software project (JIRA Software) - How to easily cooperate on a single board?

Those and also other potential problems will be now identified. Maybe on some of them there are already answers, maybe not .. overall I think personally that for now JIRA 7 is not a good release (even the name is confusing .. should not be called JIRA 7 anymore because there is JIRA Core 7.0.0 .. JIRA Software 7.0.0 .. but JIRA Service Desk 3.0.0 and this might change in the future to JIRA Core 7.1.3 .. JIRA Software 8.1.2 .. but JIRA Service Desk 3.7.1.. starting from now the version will change independently.. exactly like plugins before.. )  

How users will benefit then?


Changes are supposed to be for the better of all. 

These changes have convoluted an already convoluted process. It has totally jacked up my users and what they can see and not see. I have no idea how to assign a user to a project now. All of those links have disappeared.

In my opinion you've gone backwards. I'm now looking for a new project management software. My time is being wasted trying to figure out this mess.  

In my opinion, in general it should be easier for Atlassian to design and implement their brand and product strategy: three distinct target groups, easier to formulate and communicate benefits, easier to manage application development.

Also, from the 'not so techy' customers point of view, it should be easier for them to understand which product addresses which of their needs. In general, marketing communication should be easier now.

At the present, it looks like a pure business driven decision: you get the same than in JIRA 6 but for more money.

Surely, future releases will justify this product branching,

Dave Meyer Atlassian Team Oct 07, 2015

Just to clarify, this is not correct. JIRA Core costs exactly the same as the price of JIRA. The cost to renew with a JIRA Software license is the same as the price of JIRA and JIRA Agile added together. Finally, we have reduced the price of JIRA Service Desk, so many customers will see a price decrease. https://confluence.atlassian.com/migration/jira-7/cloud_jira+agile_licensing-changes

Then my apologies for the wrong interpretation and thanks for the correction!

How much have you reduced the price for JIRA Service Desk? I still see that it's 12k for 50 agents and 20k for 100 agents. Has the pricing just not been reflected on the Atlassian Web Site yet? We are highly interested in this tool but feel the price is still too high yet. Thanks, Pat

Dave Meyer Atlassian Team Oct 08, 2015

Hi Pat, we reduced the price for each tier above 15 agents. Prior to the release of JIRA Service Desk 3, the 50 agent tier was $15,000 and the 100 agent tier was $30,000. Also keep in mind that since you can now license your users for software development separately from your service desk agents, you no longer need to have JIRA license seats to cover your service desk agents, which may bring the price down further.

Im just happy that I will finally be able to send attachments to customers from JSD (which should have been available since the first release). The wiki markup didnt work very well.

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Mirek Community Champion Oct 13, 2015

As for price.. even if now looks like there is no change I am feeling that there is a big change coming .. (especially for those having bigger instances). Looking at this page https://www.atlassian.com/licensing/jira-software.html we see for example - JIRA Software 10,000+ Users -> New license (US $36,000) and previously it was (US $28,000) .. $24,000 JIRA and $4,000 JIRA Agile .. so it will be $8,000 increase on a product that is not yet not having too many new features comparing to JIRA 6. Increase of the price is noticeable starting from JIRA Software 500 Users.

Mirek Community Champion Oct 13, 2015

In addition another example... if you are working in company that is having 10002 users and 2001 of them are business users .. and 8001 developers than before the change .. you were able to use all JIRA features when buying 10000+ license (cost -> US $28,000) .. The worst thing I think is to reduce and break licensing into separate products.. Now you need to buy JIRA Core for 2001 users (cost US $20,000) and JIRA Software for 10000 users (cost US $30,000) .. that gives you US $50,000 for something that you were able to handle with standard JIRA + JIRA license (cost US $28,000) .. increase over US $22,000! Is my thinking correct?

This completely broke our current business process. Decoupling software and Service desk projects is a deal breaker for us. All documentation that was being provided focused on new licensing not really on what we are giving up. 

I agree completely.

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Mirek Community Champion Oct 17, 2015

I agree with you @Bill Bayne.. I observe all changes that Atlassian made over the years.. and and I feel that the priority is to make the change as soon as possible and after that figure out how to fix it if this will be really bad or leave it if the status will be acceptable when people will not complain..

Instead of adding a top voted features to JIRA (like issue types or resolutions per project or ability to export import project easily) the time is wasted on something like this.. Try to find a ticket when someone wanted to have JIRA Core, Software and Service Deck and increase of the price.. Users want feature that are voted over 10 years and do not want to hear: "Sorry, thank you for voting but this features however we do not include this in our current roadmap"

I am, as heavily user that knows every feature change since JIRA 2, a little bit annoyed in which direction this is going. In the past I was really having a lot of hope that Atlassian cares about the users. Now I am putting a big question mark on this...

I'm excited to try Jira Service Desk since I don't work for a Software Development company anymore but love JIRA. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance yet.

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Mirek Community Champion Oct 07, 2015

Yes, but if you think that JIRA 7 will include all 3 products by default without additional cost then that is not the case. The only different is that Service Deck will be not a plugin installed through the Marketplace. You were having also chance to try Service Desk before JIRA 7 also.

Yeah, there's a lot to be figured out and understood, something I'll dive into more after the first of the year, with our renewals and upgrade plans due for Q2 . Might catch a break w/ SD licensing now that there's a 101-250 tier, but TBD. Probably roll out enough new service desk projects to get too close to that limit and have to go 251+ anyways I'm sure cheeky.

It is what it is, we're not going anywhere, nothing will be as harsh as Service Desk pricing ($45k) for a large/high-SD utilization org.

Hi! By the way, is it possible to get JiRa Core instead of JiRa Software? I received a message, that i was "upgraded" to JIRA Software. Could i have JIRA Core instead or would i have to buy it? At first glance, it looks confusing to have JiRa splitted up into three products. How critical are the differences by now? Cheers /j

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Mirek Community Champion Nov 03, 2015

JIRA Software includes JIRA Core .. You can probably have JIRA Core for the same price like JIRA before but Core do not include some features that was actually present in JIRA 6.x and below. (mostly for developers), so if you used JIRA for software dewelopment and integrations with Fisheye, Bamboo... but you didn't use JIRA Agile then moving to JIRA Core is not a good idea ..

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The only thing removed from Core is the "developer" issue tab (Compared with "plain" old JIRA) The main thing affecting Core-only users is those who had Agile tended to use a lot of Kanban boards. Kanban is only available to Software users, so it's a bit of a wrench to lose them if you just go to Core. Note that JIRA 7 is no more expensive than JIRA 6 for your existing user base, and for those of us with mixed user bases (e.g 100 users, but only 50 using Agile), it can actually be cheaper.

If upgrading from older versions of JIRA/Service desk/etc it's a nightmare of confusion.  The product pages on Atlassian's website describing the different versions is very confusing.  I still don't know what I'm supposed to download and license.  The software might be amazing but trying to decipher the difference between JIRA Core, JIRA Software, and JIRA Servicedesk is a giant pain!!!  

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It's not that complex, but if you need help, tell us what versions you are on and we can recommend what to do.

Although, if you have Core, upgrade that.  If you have Software, upgrade that.  If SD, upgrade that.  If SD + Software, upgrade Software, then click "upgrade" for the SD application.

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